Archive: Aug 2012

  1. Rebecca Elliot receives The Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award 2011

    The Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award 2011 was presented on January 19, 2012 at the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD) international conference in Miami Beach, Florida. In the picture book category, the awards went to Rebecca Elliott, author/illustrator of Just Because. The Dolly Gray Award recognizes high quality fiction/biographical […]

  2. RHCSE to bring Wanda and the Alien to TV

    Firm commissions Wish Films to begin work on Sue Hendra property. Random House Children’s Screen Entertainment has signed up Wish Films to work on its latest children’s series, Wanda and the Alien. The latest deal from the UK joint venture comes on the back of significant industry interest shown at the recent Kidscreen Summit in […]