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Archive: Oct 2013

  1. Happy Halloween!

    Hey, everyone! Bright USA has two costumed sons off to school (a penguin and a zombie ninja!) & a mom who’s split between end-of-month admin fun (insert scary groan) and mass chocolate consumption (insert screech-y sob). But I wanted to take a quick break to share a few Halloween-y images and a little poem reminding […]

  2. Re-branding Bright with Vicki and Max Crame

    Having begun my career as a trained graphic designer, I have always loved typography – probably why you have seen Bright’s collection on new fonts over the years. I set Bright up initially to bridge the gap between unpublished/graduate illustrators and the professional world. When I left Portsmouth University I felt that there wasn’t a […]

  3. Templar Publishing – Paper Watch Project

    October is Breast Cancer awareness month, with events and fundraising projects all around the world. Templar Publishing has launched The Paper Watch Project to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, a support charity for breast cancer. In the past year, two members of the Templar Publishing Team were diagnosed with breast cancer, and are thankfully […]

  4. Educational books – take notice!

    Can you remember how you learned to read? How about learning proper grammar or spelling? Do you remember which books you used to learn these skills?   Chances are you learned these skills in a classroom, using a book that was specifically crafted to help you. Now, this doesn’t imply that the book you used […]

  5. Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2013: shortlist

    Bright is excited to announce that two of our illustrators and two of  our authors have been shortlisted for The Roald Dahl Funny Prize! Authors Adam Guillain and Charlotte Guillain in tandem with illustrator Lee Wildish have been nominated for their hilarious book, Spaghetti with the Yeti, published by Egmont. Illustrator Mark Chambers has been […]

  6. Let it snow glitter! Karen Sapp and Papercraft Inspirations

    One of Bright’s illustrations was recently featured in the newest issue of Papercraft Inspirations! Karen Sapp utilises her love of painting through a distinctive application of richly coloured acrylics. By doing this she brings her characters to life with texture and personality. Her characters have a great depth to them, which is a nice touch […]

  7. Frankfurt 2013: illustrator and agent experiences

    Illustrator Stephan Lomp The first thing that I learned about the book fair is that being late is not the end of the world. And that comes from a German who is, like the cliché, obsessed with punctuality. On Wednesday the 9th, I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning to get a train from […]

  8. The Insider: Katie Bennett

    Bright Group is starting a new blog series, The Insider, one where we interview influential people in the publishing industry. These interviews will give everyone great insight into the industry for all readers, authors, illustrators, agents and publishers! (All of the images below are from the Internet, and are not Bright’s self-promotion. They are solely for […]

  9. BLE 2013

    Today is the first day of the Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) event! Over 2,200 brands, characters and images will be on display for all of Europe’s retailers, buyers and creators to see. The event gives companies the opportunity to meet face-to-face and license their work into the right market throughout the globe. The event is […]

  10. Bright Represents: Discover Untouched Artists

    Bright Represents has been working extremely hard to develop artwork suited for the various markets around the world. We have successful artists who have done work on several campaigns and companies, as well as artists who are new to the advertising industry.   – DISCOVER UNTOUCHED ARTISTS –   Chris Turnham Chris is an illustrator […]

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