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Archive: Dec 2013

  1. Interview with Natalie Marshall!

    Natalie Marshall is a freelance illustrator based in Australia. She does great work for both children’s books and art licensing. She holds an honours degree in graphic design with a major in illustration. Following graduation she began work as a corporate designer. However, she discovered her love was outside the industry she was working in. […]

  2. Bright Christmas Party 2013

    It was quite incredible to see so many artists and publishers at the Christmas party last night! We think the Bright Christmas Party is becoming as traditional as mince pies at Christmas for the publishing industry – which is just awesome! The event is a unique one, the opportunity to have so many publishers in […]

  3. Keith Robinson does work for CBeebies!

    BBC’s CBeebies channel started a new series this past Monday. The series, called Melody, is an original and inspiring show that introduces children to a wide variety of classical music via stories and animation! Our very own Keith Robinson, designed the main characters, as well as being the art director of the series – we’re so impressed! […]

  4. Rebecca Ashdown teaches The Big Draw!

    Drawing is fun – especially when we do it together. It might seem easy to say, coming from an illustrator, but I’ve always thought that everyone can draw! They just need the chance to do it. The Big Draw encourages people who don’t think they can draw to give it a go – something I […]

  5. Trinkets & Trumpets – Best Male Range!

    Exciting news! The Trinkets & Trumpets range by Bright artist, Emily Jepps, won The Henries 2013 award for the Best Male Range! Her cards are a twist of vintage and modern – inspired by the early 1900s trends and style. Emily smartly played around with both animals and humans in the designs, and used muted […]

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