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Archive: Aug 2016

  1. Storytime Sunflowers with Fiona Woodcock…

    What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning with the family: Storytime Sunday at The Bright Emporium with the very talented author and illustrator of Hiding Heidi, Fiona Woodcock… Fiona began with a reading from her beautifully illustrated picture book which evokes real feelings of nostalgia for anyone who was a child during the late […]

  2. Fiona Woodcock — From Art Licensing to Children’s Books and Beyond…

    At Bright we work with all genres of illustration, and our Art Licensing division is a huge part of the company. The wonderful thing about working with illustrators is how versatile they can be in terms of design, allowing their work to cross between our two main genres — those being the greetings card industry […]

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