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Archive: Oct 2016

  1. Children’s Book Awards and Why They Matter…

    Awards in the Children’s Picture Book industry are announced throughout the year, but it really takes some skill to be long-listed, let alone win… In celebration of the artists we work with at Bright, here we list some of the awards dearest to us and those which we feel truly reflect and recognise huge talent and achievement. I […]

  2. A New Era of Greetings Card Designers – Meet Jon Lau…

    Jon Lau graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2011. Through his intricate paintings, he tells whimsical stories that are inspired by nature, animals, and our interactions with them. He is based in Los Angeles. We spoke with Jon about his inspiration, process and how his personal experiences inform the subject matter of his work. Read […]

  3. Bright Lights at The Frankfurt Book Fair 2016…

    The Bright agents had their second annual workout at The Frankfurt Book Fair this year, running up and down those halls meeting and greeting, sharing THE BEST in children’s illustration across the board. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t sit waiting for clients and artists to come to us  — we find […]

  4. An Education: Bright New Agent at The Frankfurt Book Fair 2016…

    Susan Beveridge became an agent for Bright Educational earlier on this year, joining managing agent, Lucie Luddington to create a tour deforce team of two; determined to change the face of educational illustration as we know it. Illustration for education is not only a core part of our business; it is highly valued within learning and development for children […]

  5. Meet New Bright Artist Jon Lau

    In your Bright bio, you mention that the theme of human interaction with animals and nature has informed your creative journey. How did this perspective help you develop your voice as an artist? I always found myself more comfortable around animals as a child. My first book was an encyclopedia of animals, for example. Everything […]

  6. Meet Sue and Paul, Comic Masterminds Behind The Book…

    Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet write and illustrate picture books which are not only funny for children —  there’s something there for adults to enjoy too. They share such a brilliant sense of humour and think up joyous and wacky ideas — so perfect for little minds, but a ray of sunshine for us too. When […]

  7. Tips for Illustrators: Make Your Online Illustration Portfolio Stand Out

    Today on the Bright Blog, Bright USA Managing Agent Alli Brydon shares 12 tips for curating a strong online illustration portfolio. As a Bright agent, Alli manages a boutique list of trade authors and illustrators and is always looking out for surprising and fresh artwork from new, emerging talent. Alli recently attended the SCBWI Midsouth […]

  8. River Rose and the Magical Lullaby!

    River Rose and the Magical Lullaby tells the delightful story of a little girl who is too excited about her upcoming trip to the zoo to fall asleep. Laura’s whimsical and colorful illustrations transport young readers into River Rose’s adventures with lions, pandas, polar bears, and of course, her trusty dog Joplin. The book was inspired […]

  9. Brand Licensing Europe Fair 2016

    Brand Licensing Europe 2016 opened yesterday and we went along to see the show, from life-sized Teletubbies, to The Hoff… Yes that’s right, the actual Hoff … It was a truly vibrant and exciting event to behold!  As a literary agency and children’s content leader, Bright specializes in pre-school publishing as well as children’s content up […]

  10. BAL At The Henries Awards 2016

    We attended The Henries awards last night with great excitement as a number of our clients and artists were in the runnings! It was a spectacular evening, with apparently the largest audience for over a decade and a Bollywood theme, with vibrant colour and sparkle everywhere, in an award show that sees the UK’s best greetings card […]

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