Archive: Jan 2017

  1. Happy Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

    Illustration by Ebony Glenn Bright USA is so excited to celebrate the fourth annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day! The event, founded by children’s book advocates and bloggers Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen, is a day to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity in children’s books. Bright’s goal has always been to help create books that make reading fun, accessible, and inclusive, and we’re […]

  2. Bright Art Licensing and The Art Group Collaborate on New Card Range Inspired by Children’s Picture Book Illustrations.

      Bright Art Licensing, a division of the Bright Group agency, and the creative greeting card company The Art Group have collaborated to take inspiration from books published by Bright’s artists within the children’s picture book market, to make their first range of greetings cards called “The Bright Collective”. The visuals on the card designs […]

  3. This Bear, That Bear, Who Bear? You Bear! Behind the Book with Sian Wheatcroft!

     Sian Wheatcroft originally studied as a fine artist at Sheffield Hallam University. She soon found that she was interested in all sorts of practical crafts, and says she naturally fell into illustration. With a great love of picture books, and as Sian says “an over-flowing collection at home”, it certainly does seem that picture books and Sian are a perfect […]

  4. An Unexpected Visitor: Behind the Book with Bright Star Jessica Courtney-Tickle

    Jessica Courtney-Tickle is an incredible talent. Her soft and misty landscapes are dream-like and comforting. The perfect, peaceful way to send little ones off to sleep at night. Her debut picture book is due out in February and published by Egmont. The theme is environmentally friendly as is the material from which the book is […]

  5. Bright USA Welcomes a Brand New Agent!

    As we expand our reach in the US children’s book market and continue to see great success here in the states, we are excited to announce that we’ve expanded our team of agents! Introducing…Robbin Brosterman Photo credit: Liza Margulies From Bright USA Managing Agent, Alli Brydon: From Robbin: “I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised […]

  6. Behind the Book: The Answer for Little Worriers with Gabe Alborozo & Matthew Morgan

    As adults we often worry: about paying the bills, about work, family, politics, health — well just about everything really. But as adults we also know there’s a way to sort things out (hopefully and for the most part) We know we can talk about it, and there is help out there. We understand why we […]

  7. Can You Ever Have Too Many Carrots?! Behind the Book with Katy Hudson…

    As a little girl, Katy Hudson took to expressing her artistic flair by drawing on her parents’ freshly emulsioned walls… They swiftly encouraged her to try paper instead, and it’s from there that her passion for creativity grew. At art school Katy found she had a natural ability for illustration and there began to develop her signature style; now […]