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Archive: Oct 2017

  1. Regarding Diversity: Profiling Artist Alleanna Harris

    Every October in the UK, for the past 30 years, we’ve remembered Black History and commemorated achievements made by people of colour. Not so long ago, America saw its first black President. From that incredible shift in history came quite a blow, as in the US, Trump came to power, whilst over in the UK we […]

  2. What is the SOI Original Art Show?

    Illustration by Jarvis The Society of Illustrators hosts an annual exhibit called the The SOI Original Art Show, which features the best children’s book illustrations published in the US during that year. Designed to showcase the most talented illustrators of the day, this special exhibition is curated by a jury of seasoned art directors, illustrators, designers, and editors who […]

  3. Educating October: Bright Artists Honour Black History Month in Pictures . . .

    Click on an image to see more from the artists shown. We commemorate and remember Black History this month, which has been marked every October in the UK for 30 years. It’s unbelievable to think that apartheid didn’t end in South Africa until 1991 — and there is still much work to do in terms of educating generations on why […]

  4. Bringing Colour and Creativity to the World of Children’s Books & the Resilience of the Publishing Industry — Vicki Willden-Lebrecht talks to The Telegraph

    “Words give you the facts, but images add the emotion” — The Bright Group founder explains what it takes for illustrators and authors to achieve success and commends the resilience of the publishing industry. The Daily Telegraph has published an interview with Bright MD and Founder, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht in today’s Business section feature, focusing on […]

  5. Arts and Children’s Books Collide: The Innovative Laurence King

    It was reported at this years Children’s Bookseller Conference that the sales for non-fiction titles have increased by 6.5% to £25m, so far this year (since last year):  Illustration by Grace Easton; source: Nielsen BookScanTCM: 36 weeks ending 9th September 2017 versus 36 weeks ending 10th September 2016  So we know non-fiction it is selling brilliantly in […]

  6. The Insider: Jim Hoover, Art Director at Viking Books for Young Readers

    Illustration by Leire Martin In this edition of The Insider, we interviewed Jim Hoover, Art Director at Viking Books for Young Readers. With nearly 20 years of experience in the Kid Lit world, Jim is a font of knowledge for experienced and budding illustrators alike.  What was your big break into the world of Children’s […]

  7. Autumn Book Launches 17

    This Autumn has been full to the brim with exceptional children’s picture books. We’ve celebrated some of these wonderful publications in house at The Bright Emporium, as well as travelling to a very eerie underground destination for the launch of Benji Davies’ new picture book, The Grotlyn. Here’s a round up in pictures: T H […]

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