About Us

Bright creates business for artists, writers and other creative people, enabling them to find the very best work opportunities and commissions. We take care of their promotion and business relationships – leaving them to do what they do best. We specialise in publishing, branding, advertising and stationery, working with brands to develop opportunities and maximise potential. In addition, we have a growing presence in the digital field.

Bright is about people

Our primary focus is the people we represent and the clients we help. We never move far from the ethos that anchors us – that is looking after our writers and artists and delivering the very best results for our clients.

Bright is about thinking globally

At Bright we believe that art is a fabulous common language that we all speak – regardless of where we live – and that we can interact with and enjoy it together. We have made the world a global village in terms of artist, writer and brand representation. We understand different cultures, territories and markets and employ specialised agents across the world, meaning that we are not restricted by distance or language.

Bright is about nurturing talent

From the artists we represent to the team of designers and writers we work with, each person is treated as an individual and a friend. The Bright ethos is to get the best out of everyone and to make sure that everyone gets the best out of themselves. Talent is not always fully recognised until it has been developed and at Bright we are the experts in identifying, nurturing and representing talent across all the creative industries. Directing raw ability into commercial success is what we do best.

Bright is about organic growth

Bright is a unique resource that’s available to any company needing the creative talent of artists or writers and we are constantly growing and developing across all the different strands of our business. This is what makes us one of the UK’s fastest growing creative agencies.

To us growth is an organic process – we don’t force it and firmly believe that one thing leads to another. Our expansion has been driven by a combination of reactivity and strategy – we are constantly monitoring the market and looking for opportunities for our clients and the people we represent. This outlook has allowed us to create strong individual umbrella outfits within the Bright Group to service our artists, writers and clients and the synergy between these different divisions creates opportunities across the business. Over the last few years we have worked on everything from consumer goods branding to developing stories for zoos.

This is what makes us one of the UK’s fastest growing agencies in our field.

‘Bright is a young, innovative agency that is passionate about the new talent it encourages and nurtures. They are a delight to work with as they are so proactive’
‘I love working with this agency. There is so much energy and brightness in everything they do, from finding the incredibly quantity of hugely talented artists, to the way they keep in touch with all their clients. I’ve found that whatever the brief, the bright agency will have the perfect solution!’