Keith Robinsons talk on the secrets of animation

Animation talk, secrets of animation

Secrets of Animation: The Bouncing Ball – click to see Keith’s Talk

How do animators create the illusion of life?

Keith Robinson, ex BBC animator and creator of the Lyme Regis Town Map, hosted a unique animation event for this year’s Artsfest, that you can click on below. Its an entertaining illustrated talk, uncovering the secrets of the animation Greats, from the early Disney pioneers to modern favourites like Wallace and Gromit.

Animators in the 1930s and 1940s gradually established the classic ‘Principles of Animation’. The secrets of these old masters have since become the foundations of the craft. Today’s hi-tec 3D animation studios, such as Pixar, still use techniques developed by these early pioneers to bring their memorable characters to life.

Robinson says, ‘I’ve had a passion for animation ever since I was a child. Making things come alive on screen is the closest thing I know to real magic. I’m fascinated by that illusion of life. How is it we can empathise so much with characters that are nothing more than drawings, or models, or bytes in a computer? Did you ever watch Wallace and Gromit and think, “Hang on, those are just lumps of plasticine!” – No! Because we care about them. They’re National Treasures!  It’s that special magic that I’ll be exploring in this talk: How do animators create the illusion of life?’