A Cheerful Easter brought to you by Laura Hughes and Waitrose


This year Bright was approached by Waitrose to work on their 2015 Easter campaign. They worked closely with the lovely and talented Laura Hughes to create a show-stopping range of cheerful Easter sweets, decorations and games.


What was your initial brief from Waitrose?

The initial brief was to develop an ‘Easter toolkit’ comprising of lots of small elements that could be applied by the design team to the packaging in-house. Waitrose requested a rabbit, lamb and a chick character in a variety of poses as well as some Easter eggs, flowers and a collection of repeat patterns.

How long did the project take from initial roughs to final product?

I was working on the project for a few months on and off with more extra bits and pieces added on later on in the year – for example the lamb, chick and rabbit shaped boxes were created at a later date after the tool kit was finished

What is your favourite product that came out this project?

Any of the chocolate products!! Delicious chocolate…


How did this project differ from how you approach a picture book?

It was a much less intense process! I just started playing with inks straight away and didn’t do any pencil sketches at all, so everything was quite loose and spontaneous which was really fun.

How does it feel to have generated such a big seasonal campaign for a fantastic brand like Waitrose? 

It’s been really great to see my work in the shops and for my family to be able to visit the supermarket and see the fruits of my labours! This project has given me the opportunity to reach a much wider audience with my work and hopefully people will enjoy what I’ve created.

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Thank you to Victoria Siddle who kindly photographed the products http://www.victoriasiddle.co.uk/