A Day in the Life of Rosie Wheeldon

Where are you?

Currently I still live at home with my very supportive parents and Lilly the dog, I only graduated from my illustration BA last summer and since then I have set up a little office space at home with all my books around me. I enjoy working long hours, starting typically at 9am and ending anywhere between 11pm and midnight every day. My partner is finishing his Masters degree next year and after that we will be moving away together, our dream is to move somewhere quiet and pretty in the country!


How did you get into illustration?

Art is the only thing I have ever been passionate about and I have lived and breathed it from a very young age. I knew I wanted to be a children’s illustrator because I can’t think of a higher honour than making pictures for children.

What inspires you?

I am lucky enough to have a really supportive family, my grandparents in particular have always nurtured my passion for art and my wonderful partner keeps me going every day. Any beautiful book with fantastic pictures and a good story inspires me I grew up on Roald Dahl and I like to put a bit of magic in my work! But I believe inspiration is everywhere, if I can’t come up with any ideas I always go out for a walk near my house and I get have lots of ideas when I come back!

How do you work?

I work digitally and use and amazing program my tutor introduced my to on my degree, after I felt that my usual mediums of paint and pastel where not creating the right atmosphere I wanted in my illustrations. I work on my computer as I would on my paper and I use a fantastic program that simulates traditional materials; I use the charcoal pencils on there to do my illustrations!



What pieces are you most proud of?

Even if an illustration doesn’t work out to well or how I imagined it (which is 90% of my illustrations!) I try to be proud of it because I have learnt something whilst doing it and that is the most important thing for me. I took a lot away from doing my mermaid piece- this was a composition I discussed with Vicki at my first meeting and the colour scheme was a challenge, I hadn’t worked with so many colours digitally before, but I tried loads of new techniques and felt really pleased with myself when it was finished, it was the first time in my short career that I felt ‘I can do this’.


Why have you joined Bright and how have they helped you?


I responded to a tweet on Twitter, not knowing I would be put in touch with Bright, a week later I woke up to find an email from a dream agency waiting for me and they already had an amazing client lined up for me who couldn’t say enough nice things about my work!
I work very hard but working with Bright at this early stage in my career has been no less than life changing, and they still continue to support me in every way. During my first important project I felt like I could ask my agent anything and he completely understood me, Bright help me to do the best work I can possibly do.


In a dream role, what would you be working on?


I am lucky enough to be working in a dream role at the moment; I am doing book covers for a wonderful new girl’s book series from one of my favourite young fiction writers! So more like this in the future would be great!


What are you working on at the moment?

Aside from my book cover work I am currently building my portfolio with the guidance of Vicki and the Bright agents. I have had some fantastic advice from them and I’ve come such a long way in the short time I have been with them.


Plans for the future:

My plan is to just keep developing as an artist and working with Bright, I have just recently saved up enough money from my part time job to leave and concentrate on illustration full time, it’s a very exciting time for me and I’m so happy that Bright is a part of it!