A Detox start to 2014, a note from Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

As the founder of Bright, one of our founding principles is ‘nurture’. Bright has always been about nurturing it’s artists. We have always developed and evolved together so I felt compelled to share my experience that life can be stressful and overwhelming, and sometimes we need to step back and look after ourselves. If we do we can heal, fix and feel amazing.

Last year was a triumphant year for Bright, we won many awards, broke into many new markets and the year was bouyant on so many levels, but personally I suffered various loses and some health issues, was feeling drained and tired, so I decided to embark on a full detox to kick-start 2014.
If we maintain good health, and are in a good place I believe we work at 100%. It’s not just about working hard, it’s about working smart and managing ourselves so that we can work at our best, and sometimes that means working on ourselves too.
(This photo was taken on one of our morning sunrise walks)
So I checked into  – Simply Healing centre, South Downs, on the 2nd of Jan for a 5 day detox

Having travelled through India in ashrams, yoga centres and practiced meditation for 8 years, I passionately follow mindful techniques of being present. I’ve practiced methods from Tolla, Deepak Chopra and Angus Ford-Robertson amongst others and I therefore feel experienced enough to say arriving into the Simply Healing Centre was like walking into a positive, warm, and healing place.

Viv, the therapists, the other students and the books lying on every shelf have taught me an incredible amount in 4 short days. It’s incredible that, when given space from everything, how much more space is in your head to absorb. My main message that has come through on this detox is this –
That the mind and body pick up so many toxins, not just from junk food and alcohol, but from pollution, nail varnish, bleach, sugars in our food etc etc. When we are stressed our bodies can’t release these toxins. When the mind is stressed it releases adrenaline and which sends messages through our adrenal glands to every cell in the body putting us in flight or fight mode. It stops the cells functioning as they normally would as the act as though they are in emergency mode. This then stops everything else functioning on its normal rhythm and toxins,which instead of being released are simply moved around the body. If not released these form a build-up of toxicity, causing various health problems. The immune system cannot function properly, the body gets dehydrated and illness, disease, negativity and anxiety set in. Although this response was essential for our survival for thousands of years (it helped us to run faster; away from those pesky tigers!) our lifestyles have since evolved faster than evolution and this response is no longer needed and in our fast-paced modern lives. In the 21st century, our bodies and minds are ravenged by emotional rushes, often prompted by our constant dialogue of deadlines, work pressure, family crisis, Twitter, Facebook, emails, phones, meetings, travel and family. The body interprets this in its traditional manner, sending the body into fight or flight mode, causing more problems than it solves, so what can we do about it?
We need to learn to not sweat the small stuff, and to properly take care of ourselves and make time for ourselves. I have done a 5 day intense detox, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a health kick. http://simplyhealingcentre.com
The whole 5 days is focused on getting the bad stuff out of your body, resetting your mind and letting go of past experiences that may be holding you back. It’s about making time and space for the future, feeling refreshed having bags of new found energy and zing.

If you don’t have the time to fully detox, you can do so many little things just to kick start a healthy 2014, here are a few tips I have picked up!

  • Drink Water- 2 litres a day (this will keep your bowels hydrated and you to flush out toxins)
  • Supplement your diet with a pro-boitic, this will keep the friendly bacteria in your guts working for you.
  • Eliminate refined sugars. They are evil to the body and cause your blood sugar spike, prompting hunger and excess sugars to turn to fat, sugar feeds the bad stuff.
  • Meditate, quiet the mind. Find a way that works for you, if it’s baking, painting, being mindful or just letting your mind rest.
  • Eat as much vegetables as you can, steam your greens and make them tasty by adding lemon juice, truffle oil, nuts and seeds.
  • Exercise, even if just walking, get the body moving, and try and get at least 1 hour of sunshine, being outside a day. Very hard I know when you live and work in london.
I really have had the most incredible stay here, the detox itself was brutal. I didn’t realise how much I thought of food until the coloured glass bowels of pot pourri turned into purple quality streets. And the headaches are insane, but it’s day 4, and I’m coming through to the other side. It’s one of the best things I have ever done. Also the other girls on the retreat have made the experience awesome, from famous authors to business success stories and one lady that should win the pride of Britain she will know who she is- I thank them for making this experience so wonderful.
I will be springing back into the office on Wednesday the 8th, exploding with energy to drive forward in 2014 and I will have my water bottle, my pro-botics, my fresh juice and my raw veggies not far away, but more importantly I am in a great place to lead, manage and inspire Bright into its most exciting stages yet. As we turn 10 this year, we will be expanding our service deeper into the US, finding more opportunities for artists across branding, advertising and greetings, and to build on the fantastic year we had in 2013 in children’s publishing. Not only that, but we plan to move offices, upgrade our back end content database and take on a brand new agent.

As the founder of Bright, the ethics and principles that I set the agency up on is the life blood of how we work and how we deliver the very best results for our artists. I believe that healthy artists and agents is essential. They will be in a great place to manage the demands that being successful artists and agents require, as I know from experience and from working with some of the most successful artists of our time, stress is something we all have to manage and being healthy and happy is all part of being successful too.

When you next speak to me about your work I’ll be sure to ask if you have a glass of drinking water by your desk as well as your paintbrush 🙂

Happy, healthy 2014!