A Journey & A Book Signing for Nicky O’Byrne!

Nicola O’Byrne joined Bright 3 years ago and is a graduate from Camberwell College and Edinburgh College of Art.  Arnie was her first book, which she had done as her final year project. From the first moments we loved Arnie and loved Nicky- the book is incredibly unique – ‘snapping a book shut and rocking it to then find the character sleeping’ is just one of the genius ideas pulled off in this book.


Nicky worked closely with the Nosy Crow team to ensure the novelty price points worked with the story, the ending and various edits to ensure the final outcome was perfect. It was a book that became a journey for all that worked on it, a prime example that creating a story is a team effort; it’s a collaboration between author, illustrator, (of which Nicky is both) great editors, and a fantastic production and design team. With wonderful PR, and a team that was a machine in action, the book gained exposure and momentum followed by a great first book reading/signing and activity sheet making.

Read how Nicky’s day went on her adventure filled signing at Heffers bookstore in Cambridge via Nosy Crow here.

From graduating with a superb idea, to getting published and then having her first book signing with Arnie’s adorable fans, Nicola has shined. Watching her grow is a truly wonderful sight to behold and all the agents here couldn’t be happier for Nicky!!