An Agent’s Profile: Meet Robbin

“Robbin Brosterman is one of the brightest and most enthusiastic designers I’ve ever had the joy of working with. She was also indefatigable – always willing to go the extra mile for the good of the project. She’ll be an amazing agent.”

– Neil Gaiman
Hugo, Newbery, Nebula, and Bram Stoker Award winning author of The Sandman series and novels StardustAmerican GodsCoraline, and The Graveyard Book

In her six months at Bright USA, agent Robbin Brosterman is already taking names and making deals. Alongside Senior Agent James Burns, Robbin works to show her clients a wide range of styles for Board Books, Picture Books, Chapter and Middle Grade illustration. Robbin only joined us six months ago, yet has been a long-time force to be reckoned with in the Publishing industry.

A born-and-bred New Yorker, Robbin was raised with a deep appreciation for art from the get-go. “My mother loved pop-up books and would buy me ones with simple colorful graphic art as well as elaborate Victorian style illustrations. She was my greatest influence. My older brother
author Norman Brosterman was always creating, too. When he was painting or drawing, I would take his lead and scurry up to my room and make my own animals out of felt!”

Her love of art launched her into a wildly successful career as a Design Director at DC Comics, where she worked with a number of heavy hitters in the comic book world during her time at DC Entertainment, including the legendary Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee.

“When it comes to an eye for talent and creating eclectic, smart, and aesthetically wonderful designs, there’s no one better than Robbin. In the years I’ve worked with her, she’s always impressed me as a world class collaborator and confidant—an art director who enhances and improves every project she touches with the smoothest, deftest style imaginable.”

– Jim Lee
World-renowned comic book artist, writer, editor and publisher, now Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment

As Design Director of Books for DC, Robbin oversaw the Graphic Novel line for over a decade. Her eye for composition yielded many a cult-classic, like the Batman: Hush series, which Robbin designed:


“An Innovative and impeccable Design Director, Robbin’s keen and discerning eye graced hundreds of Vertigo graphic novels. She’s a true professional and
a pleasure to work with.”

Karen Berger
Editor/Berger Books; founding Vertigo/DC Comics Executive Editor

At DC Comics, Robbin oversaw the design of hundreds, if not thousands, of graphic novels. But when DC Comics moved to Burbank, CA in 2015, leaving New York City was out of the question for Robbin – so she turned her eye to art and design sales, which led her to Bright.

Here are a few of the Middle Grade/YA covers she designed while at DC:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 4.39.22 PM
Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 4.38.07 PM

With her designer’s eye and thorough knowledge of what the market wants, Robbin gives helpful input to our Bright artists, which allows them to take their work to the next level. With her expertise on the publishing side of the business, Robbin is also able to provide Bright’s hallmark white-glove service to clients in a way that’s both effective and industry-savvy.

Her delightful tastes and sense of humor shines in the monthly email campaigns she puts together for Bright clients. Whether it’s girls, spring fashion, or summer road trips, or winter coming in like a lion and out like a lamb, each of Robbin’s creative themes hits the nail on the head with beautiful, relevant artwork her clients want to see. She has a particular affinity for children’s illustrations with a keen sense of humor.

“I’m always on the hunt for solid skilled artists that I know my clients will like, so I’m attracted to a large variety of styles. I look first to see if the artist can tell a story through their work. I’m also passionate about bringing diversity to my portfolio, doing my part to give equal opportunity to talented artists who have been under-represented,” says Robbin.

In her time at Bright thus far, Robbin has secured a number of fabulous deals for our artists, launching more than one major career in illustration. “I’ve always loved to connect people I care about, so working as an Agent is a natural fit for me. I find so much fulfillment in linking great art to a great project and supporting our artists and my clients.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 2.47.57 PM

When Robbin isn’t working hard on behalf of her artists, you can find her wandering the concrete jungle with her terrier dog, Charlie, who she found on Ebay. Robbin’s pride and joy, Charlie is famous for his guest appearance on The Colbert Report, among other canine campaigns.

Robbin Charlie

Photo credit: Liza Margulies

Get in touch!

Robbin and Team

Robbin is one of our fabulous Agents at Bright USA. She works closely with the wonderful James Burns—who she adores. She’s a cheerleader for the artist, and makes sure that jobs run smoothly for her clients. Robbin is happy to:

  • Supply bespoke light boxes and suggestions for your projects
  • Arrange sample work
  • Gather high-res images for mock up materials
  • Show you a wide range of styles, suiting board and picture books, Middle Grade and YA

Twitter: @rbrosterman
Phone: +1.646.236.0307