An Education: Bright New Agent at The Frankfurt Book Fair 2016…

Susan Beveridge became an agent for Bright Educational earlier on this year, joining managing agent, Lucie Luddington to create a tour deforce team of two; determined to change the face of educational illustration as we know it.
Illustration for education is not only a core part of our business; it is highly valued within learning and development for children and should be acknowledged as such (we think)

Susan’s commitment and dedication are second to none: highly regarded by all her colleagues, and someone who truly cares about what she is giving out to the rest of the world, here, she talks about her first experience as an agent at The Frankfurt Bookfair 2016… LM


2016 marks my first Frankfurt and it was a dynamic experience.  From arrival to departure, in the company of colleagues and clients, I channelled the energy surrounding me – from the Halls of the Fair to the bar of the Hessicher Hof – the scent of new opportunity was in the air.


Into The Wild, by Beth Hughes

 A key part of my role as an Agent at Bright is to grow the reach of opportunity for our artists, and Frankfurt Book Fair is a platform which enabled me to connect, face to face with clients and generate excitement about the dazzling new portfolio of artwork, and not just once, or twice, but consecutively, in back-to-back meetings throughout the duration of my two day trip. That, is the power of the Fair.

Speed-walking the halls and traversing the territories, the sheer scale of the Fair is as impressive as the clients I had the pleasure of meeting with. From Oxford to LA, Paris to Seoul, no territory was left unturned in the quest to provide Bright artwork to educate and inspire in schools across the globe.


 New Bright artists: Emilie Pepin, Alea Marley, Sofia Cardoso

As I unveiled the contents of my portfolio box, it was the attention to the detail and colour palette sensibility that sparked an on-going conversation about Bright artists and their work. Be it the Mona Lisa poster discreetly in background walls of an art classroom, the touchable texture of a fuzzy caterpillar, or the vibrant pink sunset sky on a camping trip family holiday, it all left the clients wanting MORE.

The Educational portfolio, at its core, showcased exactly what Bright artists do best; that is to illuminate subjects like dyslexia, bullying and growing up with sensitivity and a personal touch.  On any given day, their artwork has the chance to speak to a child and enrich their childhood experience.


Luke Seguin-Magee

That is the value of children’s educational illustration and why I’m so passionate about showcasing our Bright talent at Book Fairs, like Frankfurt. SB


Susan with Eric Wong from Starlite Development International, with books illustrated by Jennie Poh: ‘Tiny’s Big World’ and ‘Noodle’s Special Doodle’  written by the famous Chinese author, Shan Shan Li.

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