Artist Profile: Craig Shuttlewood


Craig Shuttlewood’s ability to design a layout, and his fantastic eye for colour make his picture books eye-catching — his busy pages, filled with all sorts of activity keep children amused for hours. A picture book doesn’t always have to tell a story, and Craig’s most recent book is very much in this genre — rather like Richard Scarry’s Busy Town or the Where’s Wally books, by Martin Handford, it’s a puzzle and a great way to feed little minds.

Earlier this year, Craig won the Platinum Junior Design award for his book, Town and Country, published by Ivy Kids, an imprint of The Quarto Group. The platinum is the highest award given — a great achievement for Craig so early on in his illustrative career.

JDA17 logos_CMYK_Platinum

Here Craig talks about his creative process:


The first design Craig made for Town and Country.

Craig, How long does a book like this take to create?

This one was quite a lot of work, especially as the book changed direction a little – originally we had a limited colour palette (and less going on) but this didn’t work so well. It would be difficult to say how long a spread takes start to finish but lets say more than one day and less than ten!

336x200-MOUNTAINS-NEW-CS5The detailed endpapers for Town and Country.

Did you study illustration at art school?

I did. I studied illustration and fine art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design.

You’ve said your earlier wall hung work combines paint, found materials, scribbles and drawings representative of everyday things so based on this, and looking at Town and Country, would it be fair to say you like picture books that go on a journey? If so, why do you think this type of project appeals to you?

A journey, mixed with some adventure and quirky surprises is a perfect ingredient for a children’s book. I enjoy the challenge of making everything fit and work together. The more there is going on, the more things you can hide — like a cat riding a bike or some sheep on stilts… for example.


An example of Craig’s fine art.

Current publications:

The two sticker books below are illustrated by Craig are available now in M&S, published by Parragon.



An event Craig hosted at The Bright Emporium.  

If you’d like to work with Craig, you can get in touch via The Bright Agency here.

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