Being an Agent: Lucie Luddington

Our lovely Lucie Luddington shares all the joys of being an Agent; the tea, the cake and the rewards of nurturing and developing Artists as she looks forward to the Bolgona Children’s Book Fair 2013

It is all in the eyes…nose and facial features; the importance of face to face!

Many friends regularly enquire about the various aspects of what being an “Agent” entails. They always seem surprised when I say client visits! We all understand and acknowledge the email and phone culture that we live in but the power of face to face meetings are still as strong now as they were 12 years ago when I first set about being an Agent.

The Bright Agency has built its reputation on not just representing artists but on developing their art work and managing all aspects of their career. It may seem strange to think, how are these meetings directly related to an artist’s development? But in fact, these visits are imperative to the artist’s evolution. They are also an indicative of the Bright culture as a whole, we are all about people!

Readily armed with an iPad, a hard copy portfolio and usually something cake based my visits take me all over the UK and occasionally aboard. The preparation is in the planning. You may have booked to see two clients and 14 turn up or vice versa, whatever happens the main aim is determine the needs of your client and not to be thrown by any mishaps or random acts, including coffee spills or fire alarms!

In addition to discovering what they are looking for, our goal as Agents is to also understand up and coming trends. This is how we can develop our existing artists to be in tune and en trend with future publishing forecasts. Are googly eyes in or out? Is black and white the big wow for now? Is it princesses or fairies, bears or frogs, muted or bright palette? These are just some of the questions we are constantly answering in preparation to our visits so that we can then return and spend time educating and developing our illustrators’ portfolio and thus taking them to the next stage in their Bright career.

Currently the team at Bright are working hard to finalise the Bologna portfolio, any one in Publishing can understand the hours and efforts this takes! As an Agent, it is so rewarding to look at a new sheet and see the sparks or ideas discussed with a client becoming apparent in the work. A palette may be brighter; a bunny all the trend; and you know this transpired over a coffee, some cake and good face to face time!