Brand Licensing Europe Fair 2016


Brand Licensing Europe 2016 opened yesterday and we went along to see the show, from life-sized Teletubbies, to The Hoff… Yes that’s right, the actual Hoff … It was a truly vibrant and exciting event to behold!

 As a literary agency and children’s content leader, Bright specializes in pre-school publishing as well as children’s content up till young adult, and is best known for creating characters that children relate with and aspire to, in worlds that ‘work’ and make sense to their uniquely creative minds. Listing toddler favourites such as Sue Hendra’s Barry the Fish with Fingers in among their many successes, Bright authors do sentiment particularly well, whether that involves making children laugh, feel excited or question the world.

“Our authors stories stir emotion,” said Vicki Willden-Lebrect, MD and Founder of The Bright Agency, explaining that children, much like adults, might not remember facts for long, but will always remember how a film, book or show made them feel. “Their stories are child focused trying to make children connect with and want more from the delightful characters that grace the pages of our books.”

With a double page Bright feature in The Autumn issue of the Licensing Source Book, now available to read online (pages 158-159) being distributed at the fair, the team took a careful look around at the properties being licensed from the well know A-Z maps being turned into wrapping paper patterns to the Hoff branding – well, himself – in the celebrity corner. 


As an agency, Bright believes and works upon the principle that if something is successful as a book then it has the strongest foundations to build upon. The characters, the world and the stories already make sense and as such naturally evolve as they move onto different media platforms.

“We believe this is the best starting position for us to develop TV shows and merchandise from — as a natural extension of something that is already selling well and that children are invested in. It makes more sense to us than using gimmicks or props just for the sake of media opportunities.” Vicki Willden-Lebrecht



Previous television deals include Sue Hendra’s first book character, Wanda (Wanda and The Alien) and the three titles that followed (Random House Children’s Books). Now a fully animated, prime-time children’s TV show on Channel 5’s Milkshake, Nickelodeon global have full distribution rights.

However, the broadcast world is a changing one, and as such, Bright is quickly evolving from traditional literary agency to a full media agency, managing television and film options alongside the brand extension of their authors characters and books and – crucially – developing their content with them.

Having retained the television, film and merchandise rights to an exciting line-up of award winning and bestselling children’s books, Bright is now in a position to take advantage of the myriad of new media opportunities with which it can bring its illustrators’ characters to life.

 Earlier this year Richard Scrivener of the Creative Rights Agency joined Bright’s board as a non-executive director with special responsibility for the company’s portfolio of film, TV and merchandising rights.

 Excited to be working with Bright, Richard believes that as an agency it brings a compelling combination of brilliant artistic and writing talent, alongside a unique, innovative and entrepreneurial approach to rights management.

 “The key thing is to be open-minded about the best way to develop a property. There isn’t a binary right and wrong way to do it. Gone are the days when a network broadcast commission guaranteed a successful licensing programme. These days it’s more a question of taking a longterm view and building an understanding of the different media platforms available.” Richard Scrivener


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