The Famous ‘Raided’ Christmas Party

On Friday we held our annual Bright Christmas Party expecting 170 attendees. We could not have expected what was to come… an extra 170-200 guests turned up at around 9:30pm, thinking it was some sort of fancy dress. It turns out they had hired lots of minibuses, so that they could all come together.

Here they are arriving…

When asked what sort of work they did, all of them admitted to not being able to draw.

They didn’t want a drink, preferring to stand together in their fancy dress outfits. Then one of them wanted to know if we had any drugs. Well, we informed them that this was a children’s publishing party in the hired rooms above the main venue. Full of some very eccentric ideas and characters, but none of them at the expense of mind alerting drugs.

Our guests, then turned their attention to the bar staff and owner to see if they had some drugs and they didn’t want to tell. Our bar staff were so uncomfortable with this that they decided it would be best to slip away. Apparently some of them needed to run home and pick up their visas or passports.

The party continued with the added security, our guests behaved themselves, and a great time was had by all.

Next year we’re planning to have the Cirque du Soleil turn up asking for fish and chips.

That’s not to be missed.

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