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 Based in London and New York, Bright is an illustration agency representing new and established contemporary artists from all over the world. Specialising in artwork ranging from digital to traditional mediums, we create visuals to communicate your brand, product or message, using beautiful design – for projects across advertising, merchandising, branding, licensing and the publishing sectors.



The three magazines above are lifestyle focused, with a nod to well-being and mindfulness at their core.
Jane’s artwork can also be found on umbrellas, make-up bags, bedding and more.



Breathe Magazine cover

IMG_1797 Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.24.58



Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.31.12

Bright Artist Clover Robin has designed new Sausage branding for MOR – new, healthier, sausage brand and packaging designed by Ape Creative, a specialist design and branding agency for food businesses. Produced by Walkers Sausage Co, the brand has been launched in 400+ Tesco stores. Read the full story here.

2674 WS MOR- 4 pack fronts

The subtle smile in the bold logo type adds a touch of warmth and personality. The bespoke illustrations by Clover Robin, reflect the ingredients in each variety, in a hand drawn style that adds a craft feel to remind shoppers that these sausages are still made by hand, by sausage makers, using natural casings in the traditional way.



Bright artist Fiona Woodcock provides designs for Whistlefish Galleries who offer contemporary and traditional art, greetings cards, accessories and gifts. They offer customers a selection of handpicked artists known both at local and international level.

Green soph canvas Fiona-Woodcock-Canvas-Photo

FWC09-Aqua-Sofa-by-Fiona-Woodcock-Canvas-Photo  Hiding Heidi

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.48.13

View more of Fiona’s products for Whistlefish here.


This delightful drawing by artist Fiona Woodcock (add link) for Wentworth translates into a wonderful and contemporary shaped puzzle. The detailing with the lack of white space and the repetition of colour, texture and pattern all help it to be a complex adult puzzle. Whilst the unusual edge makes a more interesting and satisfying jigsaw to complete. It also makes the puuurfect puzzle for cat lovers! Sofa 800201 Jungle Sofa Fiona Woodcock pieces together her puzzle sofa whimsies



Anne Bollman brings an informed yet fresh perspective to commercial illustration. Her designs can be found in retail stores worldwide on greetings, stationery, wall art, gifts, tableware, storage, bath, home decor, fabric, accessories, apparel, pet products and more. Here she completed baby-grow designs for the children’s clothing retailer

NICO0453[1][1] Babygrow montage

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 16.00.00



Mouni Farah’s work recently featured in Resurgence & Ecologist to illustrate an article called ‘Still Thinking Small, And On A Big Sales’:

COVER Issue304lowres Resurgence, Mouni, Still_Thinking_Small_spread

We can work to ‘reshape our landscapes to permit ecologically sounds and locally rooted settlements, to create for ourselves a world in which our societies, our economics, our politics are in hands of those free individuals…’


Why work with us?

When working on a project with a Bright artist we’ll provide you with:

– A free lightbox facility with our team at hand to select portfolios sheets of recommended images for you
– Hi res artwork and speculative samples, available on request
– Art expertise and industry insight to support and meet your brand needs
– Access to our artists to commission the artwork or designs for your project brief

Being an innovative art agency, Bright represents the best of global talent; working with our artists to produce fresh, current-trend designs. This team offer the support and means to develop your initial ideas to completion every step of the way. We make the most of our brilliant relationships with our artists when managing client’s bespoke projects, ensuring the best possible end result is always realised, to brief and on time.

We obtain great publicity for Bright’s artists’ projects
in art, design and licensing publications:

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 16.09.11

Left: Hannah Curtis in Art Buyer Magazine talking about the importance of the
artist-agent relationship 
(Read the full article)
Right: Featured in the Total Art Licensing section of Total Brand Licensing Magazine
Jan 2017 issue 
(Read the full article) (Page 47)

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The team: Hannah Curtis, Fiona Kenny and Amanda Pike.