Bright New Development!

Meet Jess Lomax, Bright New Artist & Gallery Co-ordinator

We’d like to introduce you to the lovely Jess, who will be taking on the role of Artist and Gallery Co-ordinator at Bright. Jess has taken this role on following Susan Beveridge, who has now been promoted to Educational Agent, to work along side Senior Agent, Lucie Luddington – taking us even further into educational publishing on a global scale. As well as this, Jess will be looking after The Bright Emporium, a gallery and creative space showcasing the incredible talent of our artists, a place where we sell beautifully framed exclusive prints and Children’s books, and where we hold book launches and community events, including our famous Storytime Sundays — which are becoming ever busier as more and more families and art lovers discover us. Exciting times ahead!

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, MD and Founder of The Bright Group has said, “I am absolutely delighted that someone of Jess’s experience will be joining the team here, and also my huge congratulations to Susan on her promotion — not only do we develop artists at Bright, but our people too”

As Artist Coordinator Jess works at the forefront of the company and is the point of intersection for Artists, Agents, Marketing & Design. This role is key to maintaining great communication and relationships with artists, as well as assisting in the growth and development of new talent. Combined with the Artist Coordinator role Jess also works within the Bright Emporium team, scouting great new artwork to be hung on our walls and working closely with marketing on book events and with art licensing for Bright artists’ products to be sold in the space.

Jess Lomax, Artist and Gallery Co-ordinator

Here are a few words from Jess …

“I’ve worked in book publishing for eight years now, in various roles across academic, higher education and ELT publishers, and at one point I was Deputy Head of Production for McGraw-Hill Education! However, my career wasn’t quite as fulfilling as I wanted, and I realised how important it is for me to be in a creative environment, so I decided that it was time for a change!

While working, I also completed my degree in Design and Innovation with the Open University part-time, and am proud to have done this in four years rather than the advised six – I do love a challenge… I’m not the best designer or illustrator myself, instead my strengths lie in supporting and encouraging creative people, which is why I’m so excited to be working at Bright with a roster of excellent artists!

 I live near Battersea Park with my husband, who is training to be a primary school teacher, and my imaginary dog (husband won’t let me have a real one, sad face). Luckily Vicki’s dog Monty is in the office during the week, so I can get my dog fix (that’s not why I took the job, honest…)”

The All New Bright Educational Team

Luce and Sus
Lucie Luddington, Senior Educational Agent (left)
and Susan Beveridge, New Educational Agent
Bright Educational covers a huge global market. Over the past two years, our educational division has grown exponentially — led by Senior Agent, Lucie Luddington, who travels far and wide to spread the word on illustration for learning. With things moving fast, we felt it was high time to bring in an extra pair of hands!  Susan Beveridge has been working closely with our artists for the past year as Artist co-ordinator. She brings with her a wealth of experience in many fields, including her foreign language skills, not to mention a degree in Law.

“Susan is a wonderful addition to Bright Educational. Not only does she possess a brilliant creative eye but she is equally diligent, reliable and kind. I am very excited to be working with her!”  Lucie Luddington

Susan is very excited to be taking on this brand new role. Bright is a company that prides itself on the development of people. Career development is a big part of our ethos, not only for our artists, but for the people behind the scenes, who keep this vibrant and fast paced company running.
Vicki Willden-Lebrecht believes in people with a passion for doing what they love and it shows within a company of people who work around the clock to make it the success it has become to date.

If you are interested in commissioning some educational illustration, you can get in touch with either Lucie or Susan.
If you are an artist looking to join us, you can submit your work to us here.