Bright Summer Picnic

What To Do With a Rainy Picnic?



It’s a relatively simple question—and one we faced on June 21st at Bright’s annual summer picnic. Gusting winds and a certain threat of rain ensured only the bravest revelers came out to play. (And that there would be more huddling under tents and less rounders)

Well, as with any simple question all that’s really needed is a simple answer. And we came up with a pretty perfect answer with relative ease and speed.

There would be a ‘How Hot is Your Hedgehog?’ competition! Each artist would get three minutes to draw his or her best hedgehog—sans reference or time to prepare.




The winner of the competition—who is being announced in this campaign; don’t scroll down just yet!—would be given the chance to work with me on developing and placing an original picture book. (The protagonist being a hedgehog, of course.)


The competition was very close as judging came to a close.


So without further ado, this campaign pronounces Bright newbie Tom Knight winner of the Hot Hedgehog Competition! At a post-picnic brunch, as the team reviewed the collective sketches gathered at the picnic, we felt Tom’s hedgehog was the freshest and most suitable for our working story concept.

Tom Knight

We hope no one feels too down about losing. And that Tom is looking up! <—–two hints at the storyline.

Oh, and publishers, feel free to request a sneak peek at what we have in mind for Tom if you’d like! Speak up early, and we’ll make sure you see what we’re up to first….


🙂 Kirsten