Bright’s Bologna 2017 = A Bright Year Ahead…

Another Bright Bologna and we loved every minute of it! Here’s the weeks events in pictures…

Wall of books

Bologna Wall of Cover Art — spot the Bright Artists!


Benji Davies’ forth-coming and much anticipated picture book The Grotlyn (read more from The Bookseller here), with Harpercollins, modelled here by Agent Nicky Lander!


Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 09.52.52

The Simon & Schuster stand, featuring forth-coming books by Fiona Woodcock; Poppy and the Blooms, Publishing August 2017, and Richard Jones; The Snow Lion, publishing September 2017. (Photo credit to Alex Maramenides, MD of Simon & Schuster Children’s Books)

Bologna 3

Top left and clockwise: Villie Karabatzia and Zoe Waring on the Editions Auzou stand, Hannah Tolson, Simon Prescott and Sarah Jennings.

Bologna 2

Bologna fair 1

Spotting our artists work and also our artists at the fair, clockwise from top left: Binny Talib, Karl James Mountford, Chris Chatterton, Migy Blanco, Benji Davies and Chris Chatterton again with Agent, Nicky Lander.


 Book artwork & illustrations by: Ben WhitehouseJamie Smith, Zoe Perisco, Grace Easton, Ollie Cuthbertson, Richard Watson and Alexandria Neonakis.

It was great to see everyone — if you missed us, and you’d like to see our full portfolio of artists, we’d love to hear from you.
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