Celebrating Fairies: Behind the Book with Janey Louise Jones and Jennie Poh

On 3rd December, Bright illustrator, Jennie Poh will be at Waterstones in Guildford for a book-signing event for The Superfairies series by Janey Louise Jones, well known for her Princess Poppy series. There have been many books about fairies, and despite us living in an age where we are heavily dependent on technology, children still believe in the magic — along with some adults too! In celebration of fairies all over the world, here’s a little Q&A with creator and illustrator of The Superfairies…

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” 
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


How did the collaboration between you come about?

(JP) Janey was looking for an artist for Superfairies and came across my work, in particular she pointed out a piece of mine (two fairies decorating a wedding cake) which she liked.

(JJ) I was looking for an artist for Superfairies and saw Jennie’s work on the Bright website. I thought how lovely it was and that it was just right for Superfairies. I was delighted to hear back from Bright about Jennie. Then I spoke to Jennie and realised I could collaborate with her as she is so accommodating, flexible and innovative. 


Janey and Jennie held their book launch for the first Superfairies books at The Bright Emporium. Read more about the event here.


Which Superfairy are you? 

(JJ) Rose. Must be the pink thing and she is the thinker of the group which is like my motherly personality. 

(JP) Berry. It would be amazing to have her super sight. Plus I just love her braids!


Early sketch of Superfairy Rose.


I like all the fairy facts at the end of the book. Do you believe in fairies?

(JJ) I do! I don’t know what size they are or even if a human could see one, but I believe they are out there.

(JP) Yes I do and always have. I remember as a young girl leaving little cakes out at night in my dolls house for the fairies to help themselves.


Early sketch of Superfairy Star.


Who’s your favourite fairy in fiction?

(JJ) Tinkerbell. She is so impish and funny. I also love the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella – she really sorts things out.

(JP) I love the Apple Blossom Fairy from the Flower fairies. She reminds me of my daughters.


Are fairies always nice?

(JJ)  Mostly! They are sweet and helpful, but occasionally a little bit naughty.

(JP) I like to think so! But they also have a mischievous side and love playing tricks.


Early development of Superfairy Plum.


Do you develop your stories for children who are learning to read? 

(JJ) Yes, we take into consideration the level they will be at and what sort of words will be manageable for them. It is nice to encourage reading with a book which is chosen by the young reader. 



Early sketch of Superfairy Cobweb. 

What’s next on the horizon for you both?

(JJ) I will be publishing a rom-com called Lucy Lovecake in January but still more with Superfairies and Princess Poppy.

(JP)I’m currently working on a couple of texts and concentrating on the Superfairies series.


If you’d like to work with Jennie Poh, you can get in touch via her agent here.

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