Every Day is Earth Day with Smiljana Coh

Smiljana Coh Poster[1]No matter where you’re from, there’s one day a year that reminds us what we all have in common: we all live on the Earth. This Earth Day, April 22nd, we’re utilizing this sense of unity to inspire and educate.

Yet sometimes it’s hard to determine where we should concentrate our efforts — where can we have the greatest impact? Among the many great nonprofits which support environmental protection, The White Feather Foundation, started by music legend Julian Lennon (yes, of those Lennons), is making a real difference.

“Dad once said to me, that should he pass away, if there was some way of letting me know he was going to be ok — that we were all going to be ok — the message would come to me in the form of a white feather,” says Julian Lennon.

Years after his father died, Julian was on tour in Australia for his album Photograph Smile, when a tribal elder of the Mirning people presented him with a single white feather – and thus the White Feather Foundation was born.

The organization not only raises awareness for environmental issues, but also works to partner with charities to bring clean water and irrigation tools to impoverished areas around the world. 

For Julian, the white feather not only represents peace, but also communication.

That’s where Bright Artist Smiljana Coh comes in. She illustrated Julian’s recent book Touch the Earth (published with Sky Pony Press) through which readers engage in helping save the planet and learn to love it along the way. Smiljana’s gorgeous interactive illustrations spark the imagination, showing the reader concrete examples of technology that makes an impact on the Earth.

“Smiljana touches the hearts of all who see her illustrations… One cannot help but be emotionally drawn to her work, because of her ability to tell such beautiful stories, through her Art alone,” says Julian Lennon.

The impact of Touch the Earth is concrete. It not only teaches young readers what they can do to change the world, but also the sale of the book makes moves toward environmental recovery as a portion of the proceeds go to the White Feather Foundation’s ambitious mission.

By the words of Julian Lennon and Smiljana Coh’s art, we’re inspired to touch the Earth to make it a better place.

Smiljana is taking activism one step further by donating artwork to Art@Hospitals, a subdivision of the White Feather Foundation that brings color to the lives of hospital patients via donated artworks to brighten the walls. You can do your part too by purchasing the book and also downloading Smiljana Coh’s special Earth Day poster and post it around your local community! And be on the lookout for the Julian and Smiljana’s next book in the trilogy Heal the Earth, on sale in Spring 2018.

If you’d like to work with Smiljana Coh, please contact her agent, Anne Moore Armstrong.