Four States in Four Days: Lucie Luddington’s USA Educational Tour

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Illustration by Gareth Llewhellin

Last week, Bright Senior Education Agent Lucie Luddington embarked on her annual USA tour. With her trusty portfolio box always in hand, Lucie connected with USA Educational and Religious publishers all across the country to represent our Bright artists. This year’s tour was a bit different than the last. Read on for Lucie’s recap on all she learned this go-round…

 Trips like this always allow you to re-evaluate how you do things and why you do them.

This trip felt quite a bit different than my last US tour in April 2016, because now, I’m a mom. As I said good bye to my little boy Pip, I felt more compelled than ever to make this trip a success – not only to connect with my artists and clients, but also to make Pip, who will soon be reading educational books I work on, proud. If I have anything to say about it, those books will be more inspiring and informative then ever!

Julianna Motzko

Julianna Motzko

With illustrators from every corner of the globe, I’m able to offer my clients a wealth of styles – and with a growing roster of educational clients, the range of requests and requirements has also grown. I can honestly say we now have something for everyone. On departure I flicked through the portfolio and recognized the range of artists Bright Educational represents is a testament to the hard work, talent, and creativity of the Bright family.

At the heart of being an agent is the ability to listen. If you don’t listen, you don’t learn or understand the needs of both your clients or artists. I was wondering on this trip what styles would be popular compared to last time — would dot eyes be in or out? Would color preference be bright or muted? Would scenes need less or more? And I listened. Diversity was what resonated most with USA educational and religious clients across the board.

Lucie Abdo

Lucie with members of the ABDO team from Minneapolis, MN

As I reached the middle part of my time in the USA, it struck me that our clients’ appetite for artwork only grows. This is always great news, but then the real work comes in to play, connecting the right artist to the right client. Expressions of “such a joy to work with” and “seamless professional” were just a few of the phrases used to describe my team of artists. This was evidence that we are doing something right. Ensuring this connection between artists and clients continues is central to what we do at Bright Educational – and at Bright as a whole.

Katie Kear

Katie Kear

Obviously our role as agents revolves around the welfare and development of our artists, but this trip also reminded me that without the clients, we have no beginning. They are the catalysts for the projects and listening to the clients discuss their projects with great vigor – whether science-based, maths-based, language or religious-based reminded me that each person is an individual and therefore each project is, so offering a bespoke service is key.

Bright continues to grow and shift shape as an agency. People always ask why this is. Personally, these trips remind me that we listen to what our artists and clients want, and then adapt to ensure they get the results they want. We don’t always get it right, but we will travel to the ends of the earth to give it our best shot!

– LL

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Lucie and Naomi

Lucie Luddington
Senior Educational Agent
Naomi Perry
Educational Agent

Bright Educational started as a small entity within The Bright Group with several amazing artists on its books, willing to take a punt on the educational market. These artists wanted to show the educational world that educational artwork can be both inspiring and informative. Not only that but they welcomed the consistent, steady income it provided…” Continue reading!