Frankfurt News

Having attended 10 Frankfurt Book fairs, this years had an air of hard work to it.CEO’s, Publishers, Sales Directors and MD’s that I don’t normally get involved with on the front line- (acquiring texts and artists) wanted to meet with me, and were interested in telling me what they wanted and what they were looking for and how I could help.

Content has never been so powerful, publishers recognize if you have the best seller on your list you’re in business, publishers have in the past focused on the business of publishing, backlist, stock, production, but what we have seen in this revolution in our industry is the business of content – if you don’t have the best, fresh, newest, coolest, on trend – you’re not in business.

Consumers have less disposable income means they are more selective in what they buy – simple.

Publishers recognize the same. You have to get it right and bright really can help you.


Imitation is the best form of flattery, and having been an agent for 10 years now and having built up the Bright group from my bedroom in the early days it was not unusual to be asked for a new Julia, or a new Oliver, but to be asked for a new Sue Hendra, without my meeting knowing I repped and re-launched her career was definitely a flattery moment and not an awkward one!

Sue’s 4th coming title No Bott, the Robot with no Bottom is out in January, and its sales are flowing and its building into one of the most successful children’s series, from the stand alone, hilarious one of Barry character into now a whole array. What Sue Hendra has done, is the return of the funny, enjoyable, for the hell of it, picture book. It’s not a commercial hook; it’s none shoehorning a fact, novelty or reason to buy other than the hilariousness of it. Its great, and in a recession and where our industry is going through the biggest revolution its known from print to digital and the restructure of our High street- Its wonderful, and an utter joy to see an author illustrator Sue Hendra, deliver something new and fresh and exciting and for the consumer to get right behind it and to be part of a new wave generation and trend- of ‘can we have a Sue Hendra please’

Its not an accident either, there are reasons and methods behind the success of Sue’s work and I would be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and your list and how we can build commercial successes together.

Illustrated fiction Massive trend- due to the success of the wimpy kid – publishers are increasingly looking at black and white fiction, we have an extensive black and white characterful section on our site to browse through –


Shocking books to get attention and sales and interest

We have seen YA getting more and more experimental and boundaries and taboo’s being tackled- and it seems picture books are following suit. Is this book taking things too far, or will it set a new trend- what I found in Frankfurt is Publishers were asking for texts in this direction but mindful of not a leap in this direction –


We have some amazing texts in this direction- so please do get in touch.