Guest Blog: Beautiful, Brilliant & Bright


New Agent Suzie Brearley has joined Bright and hit the ground running! In her first Guest Blog post, Suzie shares her account of her first ever trade show; London Book Fair 2013. Suzie brings such energy and enthusiasm, we’re very excited to have her on the Bright team.

My immediate impression of London Book Fair 2013 was of the distinctive hum of creative energy. Ideas sparkled into existence, deals danced towards close and fabulous publishing people geared up to spend three days devoted to talking about books.

As Bright’s brand new Publishing agent, I headed straight to the children’s section. Colours, bright and boutique, emblazoned every stand, picture books and novelty titles stood proudly together, and interaction and fun exploded in a brightly coloured boom that set the tone for the rest of the fair.

For me, there is nothing quite like the challenge of a novelty book. Telling a story through the mouth of a fluffy hand puppet, puzzling over a mosaic in a super-cool sticker book or building castles out of board books just rocks my world. A brand new format is a beautiful thing and one I have loved since my very first days in publishing when I nearly lost my hair trying to work out the ‘cheats way to cutter guides’! (If anyone ever finds one, do let me know!)

Let’s face it, without illustration; a novelty product is really just a blank idea. And this is where The Bright Agency takes over the show. Ushering in the illustrators, Publishers all over the world hand us their product and proudly watch as their ideas are delightfully decorated with colour and characters, brought to life with a fabulous flourish and handed back, ready for children across the world.

I left the fair with the warm, fuzzy feeling that creative challenge of commercial publishing is growing and developing with every new show. Publishers, artists and buyers are reaching for the stars, and with pop-ups getting bigger and bigger, who knows where we might end up?

So, as I dive into my emails to help create the newest, coolest and most exciting books, just in time for Frankfurt, I feel proud, excited and apprehensive. My lifetime mantra has been to bring it on, and with the standard shooting upwards, it’s time to hold on tight!