Internship at Bright Group International

The Bright team would like to say a huge thank you to our recent interns, Amanda and Nicola for all their hard work the last couple of months helping us in the office and preparing for the Frankfurt Book Fair. They assisted Vicki in creating some amazing portfolio sheets for our artists and supported all members of the team in a variety of tasks. We are now looking for a new intern to come and join the agency for 4-8 weeks. If you are interested please send your CV and covering letter to

Please take a look below at what Amanda and Nicola had to say about their experience working at Bright:

Amanda and Nicola:




What was it like working at Bright?:

Amanda: ‘Hugely fun (the Artists’ Picnic and fleeting visit of Bright’s US-based agent, Kirsten, were among the many highlights), very rewarding, frequently fast-paced, interesting, and really inspiring.’

Nicola:‘Brilliant experience, greatly improved my knowledge on working in the industry and I now have a much better idea of the ins and outs of how an agency works. Bright is a very relaxed and friendly environment. Made to feel very welcome and comfortable.’

What did you get out of it?:

Amanda:’An invaluable opportunity to explore cutting edge of new artist talent through creation of portfolio materials ahead of the Frankfurt Book Fair…and, in turn, a fresh perspective on my own work and how I might focus my efforts to develop for the future…my organisational and digital skills have improved and the diversity of tasks we tackled promoted a steep learning curve which proved incredibly rewarding and has left me with a greater confidence in my own abilities.

Nicola: Before interning at Bright I had very little idea of being a freelance illustrator. Throughout my time at Bright I have witnessed all aspects of what an agency does and how agents and artists work together.’

What did working behind the scenes of an illustration agency bring you?

Amanda: An understanding of the systems and process involved in receiving artwork, exhibiting (via both online {including campaigns, social media and Bright’s website}) and more direct, personal channels) and championing signed artists…and an opportunity to share in the excitement of seeing fresh, new artwork arriving into the agency, from both existing artists and new ‘discoveries.’

Nicola: ‘As well as getting to know some really great people and being responsible for helping produce work towards one of the industries biggest events, I now feel more determined than before to achieve what I want as an artist. …a lot of responsibility meeting deadlines and getting work to the correct standard was challenging at times…I feel this has given me confidence and a change in attitude towards the way I work.

From your experience what advice would you recommend to illustrators?

Amanda: ’ Learn and absorb all the visual stimuli you come across! Think of how your work is relevant to the audience you want to create for…stay aware and current, artists who seemed to generate most interest and ‘repeat business’ were those whose style(s) had evolved along with development in the market.

Nicola:‘I have learnt that, as with any job, there is continually going to be ups and downs being an artist…can only improve over time if determind and in the end it will pay off!’

Would you recommend the experience to other people interested in our internship programme? If yes, why?

Amanda: Yes, totally, because it offers a pretty much complete picture of how the work of a published illustrator ‘happens’ and, if you are in any doubt, the incredible value of enjoying representation by a really committed, enthusiastic and effective agency.It’s a great opportunity to work amidst an incredibly hard-working, but always friendly, laughing and enthusiastic team of individuals who are all exceptional at and (infectiously) passionate about the job they do – a really inspiring experience all round.

Nicola: ‘…definitely recommend to anyone interested in any area of a subject that is creative. Bright are a brilliant team of people in a busy and exciting city and it has been a joy to be part of the team.’

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