Dotty Lottie

Meet the lovely Dottie Lottie!


The lovely Dotty Lottie came to visit us in the office on Wednesday and it was great to catchup with her and we thought we’d share with you some interesting things about her…!

Dottie Lottie Designs came about when I decided to go freelance, about 4 years ago.

I wanted to create a brand identity for myself and well, it’s just more fun that way! I have worked in the card industry since I was 18 and in recent years I have branched out into books and surface pattern as well.


I joined Bright in February and things have been going very well! I have enjoyed doing some lovely commissions and have worked with lots of new clients.
I love that I can just sit down and doodle lots of designs and then they sell. It really is a dream. I particularly enjoy doing children’s designs and much of my work is inspired by story books, toys and nursery rhymes.
PrintI am hoping to do some children’s book illustration soon as this is what I first wanted to do when I was growing up.”

Dotty Lottie is an incredible example of how someone so young and so talented can develop into a name within in the industry .








The card collections that she has created are truly works of art and Dotty has an incredibly Bright future ahead of her!!

We are proud to say that she is going to be working in publishing in the near future so look out for her incredible work!!

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