Must Love Dogs!

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At Bright we love dogs so imagine our excitement when we had the chance to have Lola Design create a range of dog cards and prints for Whistlefish Galleries! This unique and beautiful new collection can be purchased as greetings cards or can be bought as beautifully framed prints. They are a perfect gift for any dog lover.

The artwork is not only beautiful but many of the dogs are based on actual dogs who are part of the Bright Family! The French Bulldog is Rocky, Lola’s very own furry friend. The Chocolate Lab is based on our beloved Coco who is always keeping spirits high in the office or at home with our senior agent Lucie. The Weimaraner is  Norm, owned by licensing agent Hannah! The Red Setter is based on Laura Watkins dog, and the Saluki is based on Jessica Johnson’s gorgeous four legged friend.

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