Rebecca Ashdown & The Guardian host another exciting Big Draw event

Each year, everyone is invited to join the world’s biggest drawing festival. Anyone can arrange a Big Draw – whether an individual or a museum and can add the activity to the list of over 1800 events, across 26 countries.

This year’s theme is ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’.

With a wild imagination and a background in design, Rebecca has taken the picture book world by storm. The Big Draw is the perfect way for Rebecca to share her talent and passion for art with others. 

Rebecca says, “I set this brief: Imagine you have told a big, hairy, monstrous LIE; A REAL WHOPPER. Now DRAW it!

If you missed Rebecca’s event, don’t panic – the fun is not over – there is still time to create or attend an event – the Big Draw ends on 31st October.


[Images by Rebecca Ashdown]