Following the phenomenal success of Netflix’s 

(and if you haven’t yet seen it, you MUST!) 
It is no wonder that this weird and wonderful 80s inspired, Spielberg-esk, filmic
TV series has taken flight over creative social media platforms.

We couldn’t resist sharing a collection of some of the best fan art inspired by the show, created by Bright artists…

 Karl James Mountford

Edwardian Taylor

All the images shown here are fan based creations by Bright artists and have not been commissioned by Netflix for Stranger Things. Netflix holds the copyright for the characters featured in this article.

If you’d like to work with the artists featured here, you can get in touch via Bright agent, Nicky Lander here.

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Nicky Lander | Bright Children’s and Fiction Agent


Nicky has been with Bright for over 2 years and loves being able to combine her passion for books with her love for creation and beautiful artwork. Being able to work with such wonderfully talented and creative people is a true joy!

Having worked across all formats, Nicky has a strong knowledge of what it takes to get a book from the initial stages, through acquisition and delivery, and finally to publication. Nicky also has experience in format creation, artwork generation and production requirements; from pre-school, novelty, storybooks and activity projects, all the way through to early fiction and teen fiction, Nicky is well-versed to be able to meet client needs.

Efficient, hard-working and personable, Nicky loves nothing more than creating collections of gorgeous artwork for her clients and developing an invested ongoing relationship. Warm and sincere she has a great understanding of the needs of the artist whilst delivering what is required for a project.

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