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We agents at Bright USA enjoy nothing more than seeing an amazing deal announced for one of our talented artists. Whether it’s for a sweet author-illustrated picture book, art to help bring someone else’s text alive, or an eye-catching Middle Grade cover, we love bringing new projects to our artists! And once we make these deals, we can look forward to seeing the fully fledged publications reaching the marketplace in the near future! Bright agents constantly develop and support our artists to secure the best possible deals at every stage of their careers—whether new or established.

Let’s celebrate some of these fabulous recent accomplishments from the past 6 months. Here’s a roundup of our top deals:

Tamar Brazis at Abrams has acquired author Galia Bernstein‘s I Am a Cat:

I Am a Cat : Bernstein

Jenny Broom at Frances Lincoln has bought Grace Easton‘s debut picture book Cannonball Coralie:

Cannonball Coralie : Easton

Tamar Brazis at Abrams has bought Princesses Wear Pants, illustrated by Eva Byrne:

Princesses Wear Pants : Byrne

Maria Modugno at Random House has bought This Is Not That Kind of Book, illustrated by Ben Mantle:

This Is Not That Kind of Book : Mantle

Janine O’Malley at Farrar, Straus and Giroux has bought world rights to Hello, Fall!
illustrated by Lucy Flemming:

Hello Fall : Fleming

Karen Greenberg at Knopf has bought world rights to Gretchen McLellan’s (1) picture book, Button and Bundle, to be illustrated by Gillian Flint:

Button and Bundle : Flint

Disney-Hyperion has bought world rights in a two-book deal for Harbor Bound, to be illustrated by Ellen Shi:

Harbor Bound : Shi

Little, Brown has bought world rights to Summer Color! to be illustrated by Zoe Persico:

Summer Color : Persico

Random House has acquired Pizza Pig, to be illustrated by Maria Karipidou:

Pizza Pig : Karipidou

Jorge Martin to illustrate Tanya Valentine’s Make Room for Little Taco Truck:

Make Room for Little Taco Truck : Martin

David Litchfield to illustrate When Paulie Met Artie; an illustrated biography in verse of Simon & Garfunkel’s childhood friendship:

When Paulie Met Artie : Litchfield

Congrats to all!

Bright’s agents actively seek out the best new artists to develop, pitch, and secure great deals, connecting them with the best of our industry’s publishers.

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