Testimonial – Laura Watkins; ‘My Year With Bright’


This time last year I was a nervous graduate at D&AD’s ‘New Blood’ exhibition. When I checked my email I was delighted to have gotten an interview with the art director from the Bright Group International. From there on its been a fantastic, exciting and busy journey. Under Bright’s guidance I began to create a fresh portfolio. It’s great to be with an agency that really encourages you to experiment and push you to produce the best work.

While developing I started to pen a story, and before I knew it Kirsten, Bright’s American Managing Agent had gotten me a book deal with Blue Apple Books! At the same time James from the London office helped me to produce some samples, resulting in a two-book deal with Templar Publishing! Soon after, I started working on a Korean picture book deal with Kyowon, and then a book with American Publisher Tiger Tales. I have even worked on an interactive story for Speakaboos! Bright really do promote you in every area you could imagine and have been supportive each step of the way.

The Team at Bright are a really friendly and approachable group; every job is fun and positive. Its lovely to be able to focus on producing new art know that Bright take care of the rest. From working with them I almost feel like a confident professional – almost! I really couldn’t ask for a better year or a better agency.

Big thanks to all at Bright!


“Laura Watkins has been a great example of how Bright takes on, nurtures, develops then launches new graduate artists. Laura’s story is typical of how we would successfully manage an artist.  Our strategy for managing Laura is her work is soft and commercial and suitable for young board books, it is also identifiable so, to allow her work to breath and not produce in one market, we focused on finding work in different territories; the USA, UK and Asia, with different subject and content matters. Laura is also one of the most energetic and enthusiastic approachable confident artists and we felt that working across different cultures would be a fantastic opportunity for her and one we know she has really enjoyed. Our focus for Laura this year is to enrich her portfolio with subtle charismatic characterisation of her faces which will allow her to enhance her storytelling and be suitable to be considered for slightly older trade picture books. We also are working on some gift stationary and some brand packaging ideas.”

– Vicki Willden Lebrecht, Founder and Managing Director of The Bright Agency.

Check out Laura’s artwork and projects below!