16.10 – The Friday Five – Bright’s top cultural finds this week

The Friday Five

1. Grenoble Introduces Short Story Dispensers In Public Areas

See you later, smartphones; welcome back, good old-fashioned reading. Grenoble, the charming capital of the French Alps, is often— falsely — discussed in the French media for its crime rates. Today, culture is back on the main stage. 

2. The importance of including all children in books

Tessa Strickland of Barefoot Books talks to Book Trust’s Alex Strick about the importance of including all children in their books, and the challenges of including different forms of physical disability.

3. Keep calm and read this! How slogans are taking over the world

Alex Campbell wonders if sharing and reading motivational messages such as ‘Life is short. Enjoy it!’ is really all you need to set you on the path to happiness, or would we be better off sharing novels instead?

4. Sinners Domino Entertainment knocks down record toppling 10,200 GWR 2016 books like dominos

Patrick Sinner and his team of domino artists Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany) have broken the record for the Most books toppled in a domino fashion at the Frankfurt Book Fair after knocking down 10,200 copies of Guinness World Records 2016, in collaboration with Hoffmann und Campe Verlag which distributes the book at the annual event.

 5. Are you  a Harry Potter spotter?

Upon publication of the Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, illustrated by Jim Kay, Bloomsbury is launching a Harry Potter Spotter competition in association with children’s charity Kids in Museums and The Telegraph. They have strategically placed 12 different Jim Kay prints in 12 different museums around the UK and Ireland and are encouraging all Harry Potter superfans to participate!