18.09 – The Friday Five – Bright’s top cultural finds this week

The Friday Five

1. Children’s hairdressers say goodbye to tantrums –
Getting your hair cut in a plane, fireman truck or racing car… There’s nothing cooler to your little ones. Enjoy hairdressing in another way!

2. The power of taking reading breaks –
Whenever your eyelids are getting heavy and you feel tired, it’s time to read… Find out more reasons to take a break.

3. The most amazing sand castles EVER –
Everyone remembers their first sandcastle on the beach, but did your castle look like this? Check out these spectacular masterpieces!

4. 26 street arts with nature –
When art, culture and nature collide, you’re in for a visual delight. See how natured inspired these amazing street art pieces.

5. Vegetable food art –
Sometimes, art is too beautiful to be eaten. Could you eat something this adoreble? Let us know!


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