US Picture Books Hitting Bookshops this Year


Connah Brecon has a very special picture
book he wrote and illustrated being published by Philomel Books this January 2015. There’s This Thing is a delightful story seeking to capture the essence of love as experienced through a crush… a first love story! It’s just in time for Valentine’s Day this February, the LOVE month. Connah is continuing to create fresh, new picture book stories and endearing characters with universal appeal.

A Bed for Bear
Clive McFarland’s first author/illustrated story, A Bed for Bear was published by HarperCollins last year and is quickly becoming a favorite choice for bedtime. His newest story Caterpillar Dreams is about a caterpillar longing to fly and trying all sorts of ways before discovering he has his own unique way and will also be published by HarperCollins. Clive is well on his way to becoming a beloved, classic children’s book creator and is continuing to write his own stories and is also available to illustrate new texts.
Check out the fabulous trailer:

Gerald Kelley just delivered gorgeous artwork for A Christmas Carol to Random House, and he is illustrating another exciting book for them authored by American icon, Ken Burns featuring all of the American Presidents. If anyone can do this, it’s Gerald! He continues to create rich, atmospheric images in his classic, signature watercolor style.

Look out for You Byun’s delightfully young illustrations in Little Baby Buttercup being published by Penguin / Nancy Paulsen Books at the end of January. Can you say ADORABLE?
“Cozy, predictable, cheerful and brimming with motherly love—a dependably pleasing read-aloud for the smaller set.”
– Kirkus Reviews

Butterfly Park
Elly MacKay just delivered stunning artwork for  Butterfly Park to Running Press in December. This lovely picture book featuring her exquisite dioramas will be published in May 2015.
Elly continues to illustrate intriguing and mesmerizing fiction covers too and is working on another special new picture book for Running Press in the future.

David Litchfield who just joined the Bright Agency in 2014, has been extremely busy as his first author/illustrator story, The Bear and the Piano, was bought by Frances Lincoln in the UK, and quickly thereafter he was signed up for his first US publisher, Clarion Books to illustrate Miss Muffet, Or What Happened After by Marilyn Singer. David has a wide range of art styles and is poised for even more great things in 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 16.21.42
Charlie Alder will have her first author/illustrator picture book, Daredevil Duck published by Running Press in May 2015. He is afraid of everything. But that doesn’t stop him from DREAMING of being brave…  

Doreen Marts sold her author/illustrator story, Even Monsters Say Goodnight to Capstone Press and is about to deliver artwork for Lucky Ducky a picture book to be published by Abrams Books.

Stephan Lomp signed a two-book contract with Chronicle Books in the US for Mammasaurus and Papasaurus   featuring his precocious baby dinosaur finding his way in the big jungle. He is also working with Simon and Schuster on Crash of Rhinos, a picture book to be published in January 2016.

Becca Stadtlander joined The Bright Agency in 2014  and has had a very busy year, completing 2 classic titles for Frances Lincoln Publishers —  Pride and Prejudice and The Secret Garden and she is expecting to do more of these small gift editions that fold out in a lovely accordion style format. She is also illustrating two new picture books in 2015, one for Chronicle Books and one for Candlewick Press.

Binny Talib will have a picture book, The Stuffed Turkey coming out with Scholastic this fall just in time for Thanksgiving! You won’t want to miss how this turkey celebrates this classic American holiday. 

Aw, Nuts!
Rob McClurkan debuted his first author/illustrator picture book published by HarperCollins last fall. Aw Nuts!  continues to be an instant hit with kids that Rob reads aloud to at libraries and schools. Get ready to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21st — gather those nuts! We’re happy to report that Rob’s next author/illustrator story, Halloween Hunt, just sold to Capstone, a US publisher with a strong line of holiday books in many formats — they are thrilled to add this one to their growing list.

Kelly Canby will have her debut picture book she wrote and illustrated published this year in the US by Peter Pauper Press. All the Lost Things is an exuberant story about the art of giving and the power of hope and will certainly inspire both children and adults. Kelly is full of new stories and poised for more exciting bookmaking this year.