2015 was Bright: A Year in Review

It has been a record-smashing year for The Bright Agency. Not only have we celebrated major artist successes at every turn and acquired stunning new talent, we’ve also launched Bright USA and opened an innovative creative gallery space for children called The Bright Emporium.

Here’s a closer look at our biggest achievements of 2015…

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In November we opened The Bright Emporium, a resource for children and families to grow their love for beautiful picture books and immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience. We aim to encourage children to discover the world around them through illustration and by making noise, reading aloud, drawing pictures, and meeting and being inspired by artists!

For our launch, we showed the exhibition “Where The Story Began”—as seen at the Barbican to open The Children’s Bookseller Conference this year. Featuring artwork by 10 artists, including Benji Davies, Yasmeen Ismail, and Sue Hendra, each piece on display also shares the inspiration for the artists’ illustrations and highlights how children’s books come to life.

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Over the past ten years, the Bright Group has become well-established in the UK with a high standard of children’s literary excellence. From ideation to inception, execution to promotion, Bright stands by the artists it represents and helps them to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.
This past April, Bright brought its outstanding reputation and method across the pond with the launch of Bright USA in New York City.

In the nine months that Bright USA has been open, we’ve already seen enormous traction with American clients and have added one-of-a-kind American talent to the Bright roster.

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