25.09 – The Friday Five – Bright’s top cultural finds this week

1. How to Deal When You’re Disappointed in Yourself

Working creatively often means opening yourself to criticism on a regular basis. When external praise falls short, inspiration fails to strike or you view your work through a hypercritical lens — it’s all too easy to become disappointed in yourself. This is how to battle those negative notions and take a healthy exhale.

2. 37 YA Books You Need to Add to Your Reading List

You’re never too old to enjoy some YA lit. Here are 37 titles Buzzfeed says you simply cannot miss out on!

3. Four Letter Words

A fun list of the dirtiest four letter words you should never use when collaborating with others.

4. Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames

Did you know that Ice Cube (the rapper) has a soft spot for the Eames house? O’Shea Jackson – aka Ice Cube – studied architectural drawing in the late 80s before joining N.W.A. and catapulting his hip hop career. In this stunning video he ruminates on architecture in LA and his appreciation for the Eames’ impact on design culture.

5. The Most Misread Poem in America

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…”

And so begins Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. Chances are you’ve read that opening line yourself, or someone has quoted it to you somewhere along the way. Those two roads diverging – a common incantation meant to inspire and motivate pioneering spirits. But it turns out we’ve all been grossly misinterpreting this iconic poem. Get to the bottom of The Road Not Taken with The Paris Review.