An insight into Seb Braun’s career with Bright

This insight into Seb Braun’s career is a great motivation to new artists joining Bright and tip for the readers- he’s a star and someone to look out for in the coming months!

Contrary to the belief that an artist should have one distinct style, here at bright, we believe that an artist with many different styles is a great thing. We are the fastest and most dynamic agency in the industry to date. Our handpicked agents are trained to nurture and develop your various styles and to find you work in different areas of the business. Whether your interests are in Publishing, Licensing or Advertising we will look to get the most out of you and help you build a successful and sustainable career.

Seb’s collection with Penguin UK:


Seb Braun came to Bright with goals and ambitions of building a career, a life for his family and having financial stability. This year alone, Seb has worked on many projects since joining Bright… as you can see!

He has worked with a diverse range of publishers and is beginning to build a reputable future for himself as a new artist.

Seb has a range of picture books with Nosy Crow:

There’s a myth that someone is born an artist and that they are either talented or not and their work will sell or flop – worst industry myth. Don’t believe that if your career isn’t where it should be now, that it won’t be in a years time. Believe it or not, Seb started out studying history but soon saw his talent lied elsewhere- and here we are!

Seb has also created a fantastic range for Penguin USA:

If you have belief in your work, confidence in your style then Seb should be someone you look up to and following his work will give you the buzz to get involved with Bright and start your journey.

Inspiring to say the least!…We are extremely proud of Seb’s journey so far and look forward to what’s in-store next! Here’s a little thankyou note we got in the post from the man himself… in true arty style!

Vicki x