Artist of the Month June 2015 – Chris Jevons!


Bright is delighted to announce that ‘Artist of the Month’ for June, is the passionate & multitalented Chris Jevons!

Chris is a consistently active member of the Bright community with a growing portfolio of varied & distinguished clients. His positive attitude and passion for illustration makes Chris a wonder to work with and a reliable creative to critique where necessary. 


With the ability to cross over so many different genres, Chris is one of our standout go-to artists for brisk jobs that require an eye for detail and speedy drawing skills.


Bright Educational agent Lucie Luddington has been working closely with Chris during his time with the agency and so has come to appreciated his dedication, diligence & eye for detail – ‘Chris is a talented individual who delivers above and beyond every time!’


Chris has worked with a huge number of established publishing houses including Penguin, Ladybird, Pearson, Scholastic USA, Scholastic UK, Oxford University Press, Hinkler, Top That! Publishing and Igloo Books. In addition to this impressive client portfolio, Chris has more than proved himself to be a multitalented creative with a BSc in Multi-Media Technology and a solid background in animation.

Our entire portfolio of globally talented artists is made up of diligent, dedicated and enthusiastic creatives – but this month, Chris Jevons has proven himself to have a watertight diligence to his illustration career & fantastic enthusiasm all round.

See Chris Jevon’s Portfolio HERE