Be a Bright Group #Superfan

As part of our initiative to bridge the gap between children and their favourite creatives, this month Bright has established the #Superfan. The youngest of book lovers can now meet and interact with renowned author/illustrators and will be given the opportunity to take part in social media campaigns to attend book launches, signings and exclusive creative events.

This July, we’ve invited Fred Blunt Superfans to send us in their pictures of piratical nonsense for the chance to win a family book launch ticket aboard The Golden Hinde on 21st July to celebrate the publication of Captain Falsebeard in a Very Fishy Tale (Puffin). The event will host a historical evening of treasure hunting, doodling, behind the scenes look at the book and an array of publishing personalities including the Penguin team, Colin West, The Bookseller, VIP picture book bloggers & Bright artists Yasmeen Ismail, Benji Davies, Mark Chambers & Ben Mantle

Tweet your #Superfan pictures to us here:


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