Benji Davies leads our BIGGEST Storytime Sunday yet


Sunday 23rd August saw our biggest Storytime Sunday yet – Superfans from all over travelled to see Benji Davies read his award winning Storm Whale and introduce the crowd to his newest 2015 creation, Grandad’s Island (both Simon & Schuster). With a buzzing crowd, Benji started the morning off with exclusive readings of his publications, a step-by-step activity to making your own Toucan and an interactive doodling exercise on the giant black board walls. Both the children and parents were enthralled to be drawing alongside the Storm Whale creator, with the chance to also get stuck into sugar craft and make their own Storm Whale cupcakes! 

After the morning’s fun, every Superfan sat patiently to watch an exclusive episode of Wanda and The Alien (Sue Hendra, Komixx) whilst Benji signed and personalised book after book. With the imminent launch of the Bright Emporium, we endeavour to grow and develop these creative events beyond Storytime Sunday to be inclusive of our entire portfolio of global talent and their award winning publishing assets. The future looks set to be Bright!benji222

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