Big Picture Press celebrates illustration

This month Templar Publishing launched an exciting new imprint – Big Picture Press. The imprint is truly inspired and celebrates children’s illustrations in the publishing industry. Big Picture Press’ fall list exhibits six strong books – filled with illustrations that are visually inspiring and surprising for children, yet accessible for readers of all ages, abilities and nationalities. The imprint does an outstanding job engineering books specifically for co-editions and worldwide sales, and they show this with the partners they already have lined up in eight territories.

Big Picture Press

Two of Bright’s literary agents attended the event last week and loved what they saw. Big Picture Press demonstrates just how developed and mature children’s books can be, while remaining completely accessible for every child. Ten years ago, Templar created the Ology books, which were extremely high end and developed for a more mature children’s audience. The books were created and sold for a high price, and many publishers thought Templar was crazy. However, Templar proved everyone wrong as the books became a huge success, proving that children’s books can be high end, mature and involve novelty items. It appears that Big Picture Press is moving forward with this same confidence!

photo courtesy Will Steele

The book from the fall list that appeared to be the biggest hit was Welcome to Mamoko. The book has zero words and is illustrated with a Where’s Wally? style and attention to detail. Each character in the book has their own narrative, which allows every child to tell each character’s tale with every flip of the page. Even all of the adults at the event spent at least 10 minutes following one character through the book!

Additionally, the imprint’s event involved the children who would be reading the books, not just the people who put them together! Three ladies donning matching outfits taught children at the even how to hula-hoop. Once that concluded, two of Big Picture Press’ illustrators attended the event and partook in live drawing! With a massive wall covered in paper, the two drew the characters of Welcome to Mamoko and left them for both children and adults to colour in.

photo courtesy Jenny Broom
photos courtesy Will Steele
photo courtesy Jenny Broom

Big Picture Press’ publisher, Rachel Williams, was very grateful for everyone’s hard work and support. She moved around the room with a smile on her face the entire night. We’re sure the smile was not only because of the positive response that the imprint was receiving, but also because Rachel had just been named one of The Bookseller’s Rising Stars of 2013. It’s clear that Rachel has put loads of work into developing Big Picture Press, and she is getting the recognition she deserves.

Rachel Williams[1]
photo courtesy Will Steele

Bright is looking forward to watching where Big Picture Press goes in the future, and hopefully working with them to bring intriguing, developed and confident illustrations to children’s books. As many of the books were vibrantly illustrated with a quirky touch, we can easily seen a title having an infographic spin, and our illustrators would fit beautifully with Big Picture Press’ lists, such as Jorge Martin or Stephan Lomp. The launch of the imprint shows an increasing confidence in the publishing market, as well as a bright future of the industry, and we wanted to celebrate with them!


 Jorge Martin