Bright Authors Adam & Charlotte Guillain give us the inside scoop!


These talented writers are some of the biggest in the business. Adam & Charlotte are driven by a desire to write books that make children and adults alike ROAR with laughter and they have grown from strength to strength within the Bright family. This week, we caught up with the dynamic couple to ask a few interesting questions…

What brought you both into the world of Children’s Publishing?

Before we met, Adam taught in Nursery and Foundation classes and then later in Key Stage One, so he already loved children’s books and had a big collection of them. Charlotte started reading children’s books at the age of two and later became an editor at the children’s publisher Raintree, so she’s been reading books and working on them forever. Then – and perhaps most importantly – we had two children. Telling stories, reading stories and, of course, going to the library to borrow books as well as continuing to amass a big collection at home, totally immersed us in the world of children’s books.


How would you describe your time at Bright?

Bright are not only our gatekeepers and mentors, connecting us to the publishers and editors who might want to publish our work, but they are a team of dedicated professionals who LOVE children’s books – they keep it fun and focused and help us find the best homes for our stories.

What have been the best experiences as

published authors?

Having Bright enable us to work with our favourite illustrator, Lee Wildish and a truly exceptional publishing team at Egmont. Everything with this team is done with enthusiasm and a sense of fun that keeps our audience firmly at the forefront of our minds.

What inspired ‘Spaghetti with the Yeti’?


Having fun with our kids when they were babies. We were always making up songs and silly poems – playing with words and rhymes around them. One day the phrase ‘Spaghetti with the Yeti’ came out. We had a laugh and talked about what a story with that title might look like and then Charlotte went off and wrote this amazing first draft that just jumped off the page with vibrancy, wit and fun.


How many awards have you been a part of?

So far, Spaghetti With The Yeti has been shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, The Portsmouth Book Award, The Evening Standards Oscar’s First Book Awards, the Stockport and the Sheffield Book Awards – it’s amazing!



How do you find working as a team differs from working singularly?

It’s SO much easier working as a team and having someone to bounce ideas off. When things are supposed to be funny it’s important that the first time someone hears that idea they laugh. It means also, we can go for walks and cups of coffee out and while we’re chatting it’s still work. We’re very lucky.


Do you have any unusual hobbies?

Charlotte’s just re-learning to play the P-bone which is basically a trombone made of plastic (not sure what the neighbours are going to think). We’ve just written a song called Don’t Be A Doughnut to use at our up-and-coming events for Doughnuts With A Dragon and it needs a raspy trombone solo. Adam is obsessed with trawling YouTube for comedy classics. Otherwise we both play a lot of tennis, but not often with each other!


Adam & Charlotte at a wacky school workshop!

What does the future hold for you both

and your talents?

Well, we’re with the Bright Agency so the answer has to be ‘bright with outbursts of wonder’. We want to continue to work with inspiring illustrators and wonderful editors who all share the same love of children’s books. We’re very excited about the future!


 Adam & Charlotte at the Roald Dahl Funny Prize award ceremony!