Bright Books Published this Month! – UK


It’s been a fruitful & exciting couple of months for our family of immensely talented Bright creatives! Imaginations have been dreaming & the publications have been flowing…

Gabriel Alborozo
: The Colour Thief  (Bloomsbury)



Zot lives in a world without colour – no green grass, no blue sky, no yellow sun and no red flowers. From his lonely mountain top, he gazes at Earth, sparkling with brilliant colour, and thinks it must be a very happy place. He sets off to steal some of that happiness for himself . . .

Visually stunning and thought-provoking, The Colour Thief is a heartwarming story set to become a firm favourite with fans of Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen.

 Working as a freelance illustrator for the best part of 25 years, Gabriel’s work is in ever increasing demand as publishers seek a classic and distinguished style. He continues to create highly skilled work packed with vibrancy and life – bringing visual joy as well as a touch of humour into the reader’s experience. His much celebrated & uniquely eclectic style has meant Gabriel will have a myriad of picture books illustrated & published over 2014 and 2015 – with such prestigious publishers as Child’s Play, Bloomsbury and Simon and Schuster.

Published 14th August 2014 – Buy The Colour Thief here


Yasmeen Ismail : Specs for Rex (Bloomsbury)


Rex has new glasses and he HATES them! He does NOT want to wear them to school, and he tries to hide them – in the strangest places! But it’s pretty tricky hiding specs that are so big, and round and RED . . .

It’s funny how things turn out though, because Rex’s specs end up winning him a gold star and a new friend. A beautifully illustrated and charming story about the positive effects of being, well, maybe just a little different…


 Winner of the 2014 V&A Illustration Award, Yasmeen has an incredibly fruitful publishing schedule ahead of her – with Random House alone publishing two visual feasts in 2015! As a result of her animation background & propensity to experiment and expand in all areas of her work, Yasmeen’s illustrations are bright, fluid and full of energy & movementFurther celebrating her considerable talent and recent successes Yasmeen also has an exciting publishing programme with Nosy Crow TBC – and as her US popularity grows, so does her global portfolio!

Published 14th August 2014 – Buy Specs for Rex here


Nicola O’Byrne : Use your Imagination (Nosy Crow)



Rabbit is bored, but luckily Wolf has the perfect solution. “Why not write a story?” he suggests. “I am a librarian, you know.” And so Wolf teaches Rabbit to use his imagination to create an exciting story. Rabbit is DESPERATE to know what happens, when it suddenly becomes clear that Wolf is very, very hungry…

An inventive, entertaining story about how an imaginative rabbit outwits a wolf and becomes the hero of his own adventure.

Nicola loves to create characters and stories that are appealing, engaging & encourage interaction between children and their books. Her recent Win in the 2014 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize (Open Very Carefully – Nosy Crow) has meant Nicola is busy busy busy with a further three books contracted! She will be continuing her very unique style for Bloomsbury which will no doubt recieve the same roaring success as her previous titles.

Published 21st August 2014 – Buy Use your Imagination here


Benji Davies : On Sudden Hill (Simon & Schuster)


Birt and Etho are best friends, they play on Sudden Hill, making marvellous contraptions out of cardboard boxes. But then a new boy, Shu, wants to join in too. Birt isn’t sure that he wants Shu to join them. Eaten up with jealousy, he goes home and refuses to come out to play. Until Etho and Shu come to his house with the most marvellous cardboard contraption so far…


Following on from the monumental success of Benji’s book ‘The Storm Whale’ which won the inaugural Oscar’s First Book Prize 2014, the highly anticipated next instalment from the incredible Benji is debuting this month! Simon and Schuster will remain Benji’s home for his author illustrated led work having currently signed a further 2 book deal with him and launching his second eagerly awaited 2nd author illustrated penned book next summer.

Published 28th August 2014 – Buy On Sudden Hill here


Adam & Charlotte Guillain – Lee Wildish : Doughnuts for a Dragon (Egmont)



“Yum” said the ogre, lifting George up, “I’ll have you for dinner tonight.”

“Don’t eat me,” cried George, “Have these buns instead! ‘Cause I’m seeking a dragon to fight.”

George, a young explorer, longs to be a dragon-searching hero from long, long ago. So he climbs in his time machine with only a scooter, some cakes and tasty doughnuts to aid him in his quest. When he arrives in long, long ago he spies a dragon straight away! Or does he…?

The formidable talents of co-writers Adam & Charlotte Guillain combined with award winning illustrator Lee Wildish – was always going to be a recipe for success! Following their immensely popular collaboration Spaghetti with the Yeti (Egmont, Aug 2013) which was nominated for The Roald Dahl Funny Prize this year, the Bright publishing dream team have continued to create memorable characters with another hilariously engaging picture book. Lee himself reached the incredible no.2 spot on the NYT best-sellers list earlier this year with How to Babysit a Grandpa (Random House, May 2012) & power couple Adam & Charlotte continue to develop whimsical stories that are set to become future classics as well as a memorable part of any childhood.

Published 28th August 2014 – Buy Doughnuts for a Dragon here



Ben MantleRudey’s Windy Christmas (Harper Collins)


 A sure-fire Christmas cracker of a book! “Oh, dearie me!” said Rudey. “I’ve done a windy pop! This is a bit embarrassing. I’ll do my best to stop.” Rudey has eaten too many Brussel sprouts and the explosive effect is smelt all around the world as he helps Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve… The other reindeer have laughed so much, they’re out of puff. How ever will they get the sleigh back home? A naughty, noisy, rip-roaring story, full of hilarious phrases that children will love!
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 14.00.32

 September 2014 brings a light dusting of winter offerings as we celebrate the publication of the first of three yuletide themed picture books published by Harper Collins, ‘Rudey’s Windy Christmas’ A naughty, noisy, rip-roaring story, full of hilarious phrases that children will love! Certain to be a huge success and followed by two further similarly entertaining titles, next month Ben will be been launched into the publishing world at full force! With his incredible ability to adapt his working style for a diverse range of clients, Ben also has an impressive number of upcoming books with a host of prestigious publishing houses, including Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Children’s Books & Random House USA.

Published 25th September 2014 – Pre order Rudey’s Windy Christmas here



Sue HendraDragon Jelly (Bloomsbury)


Max is having a MONSTER party. They play all sorts of yucky games then cool down in a fruitbat drool paddling pool! Then it’s tea-time, with termite tarts, ear-wig rolls and eyeball birthday cake. But the REAL treat is the red-hot dragon jelly! Dragon Jelly is monstrously gloopy, gunky fun from the bestselling Claire Freedman and Sue Hendra.  

 Sue is one of the top selling illustrators working in the UK today. Her impressive portfolio is scattered with exciting projects from various industry giants such as Bloomsbury (Spider Sandwiches), Simon & Schuster (Barry the Fish with Fingers), Random House (Wanda and the Alien) & Hodder (Dave) – to name a few! Her inspiration comes from fun and silliness – evident in this newest instalment from our Bright star. Make sure you tune in to Channel 5′s Milkshake on the weekends for Sue’s brand new series (based on her successful book series) Wanda and the Alien!

Published 25th September 2014 – Pre order Dragon Jelly Here