Bright Books Published October 2014

Once again our artists have proven their publishing prowess by creating brand new imagery and story lines in the past month. Take a look at the newly published work for this October!


 Migy BlancoAnd Away We Go! (Henry Holt and Co)


Mr. Fox is going to the moon! Away he goes in his hot air balloon…But wait! Can Elephant come too? Sure! Let’s bring along some pizza. What about Giraffe? And Squirrel? Everyone is welcome in Mr. Fox’s balloon, but look out-will everyone fit? In the tradition of classic cumulative tales like Mr. Gumpy’s Outing, this debut picture book from an exciting new talent is a fresh and funny tale of friendship.


and away we go

 Migy is a Bright rising star – his visual style utilises a mix of paint and ink with wild vibrant colours, helping give his illustrations a fresh, bold and eye-catching quality. Migy’s modern retro design has understandably allowed the artist to create a stir in the publishing world, having been inundated with high profile projects over the past year whilst also developing an array of memorable characters on Bright’s current pitching list. Our rising star’s debut author/illustrated book is set to be a rousing success, followed quickly by his upcoming publication with Nosy Crow – Cinderella’s Sister and The Big Bad Wolf  – due to be released April 2015.


Published 28th October 2014 – Buy And Away We Go here


Nicola O’ByrneMy Little Star (Bloomsbury)



When the day is done and sleep draws near, When the moon’s aglow and stars appear. I’ll whisper something crystal clear – Words meant just for you to hear. As nighttime falls and the moon starts to shine, parents and children across the world snuggle up together.So cuddle close, because it’s time for a bedtime story. With a gentle message and beautifully tender illustrations, My Little Star is a timeless bedtime story. 

Nicola is a prominent Bright star, continuing to create beloved stories under her own pen name as well as illustrating the beautiful words of beloved authors such as Mark Sperring. Her Win in the 2014 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize (Open Very Carefully) & follow up author/illustrated title with Nosy Crow (Use Your Imagination) has not only meant Nicola is gracing bookstores with her published talent, but the Bright star is also busy with further books contracted this year!

Published 9th October 2014 – Buy My Little Star here

Manuel Sumberac
 + Zdenko Basic
The Night Before Christmas (Hodder)


This glorious publication sees Clement C. Moore’s timeless verse brought to new life with stunning artwork that is sure to bring visions of sugarplums to everyone’s head! Generations of children have gone to bed on Christmas Eve with the hoof-beats of eight tiny reindeer in their ears and in their minds the vision of Saint Nick with his pipe and beard at the fireplace filling their stockings. A Christmas must-have for bedtime!

Here is a perfect Christmas remembrance for all members of the family – and due to it’s tremendous passed success, it is being republished this October by Hodder!

Since starting his career in 2002,  Zdenko Basic has been showered with prestigious international awards for outstanding illustration, such as A Sheep in a Box (Ovca u kutiji) (2006), Kiklop (2006) and the Grigor Vitez award (2008). Paralleling his bountiful trophy shelf, Zdenko has an array of published work with equally prestigious publishers around the world, including Penguin US, Running Press, Simon & Schuster US and HarperCollins UK & US. He was named one of the best young artists in 2009 by The Association of Fine Artists in Applied Arts of Croatia and continues to be a firm favourite for our Bright clients.

 Manuel Šumberac was the lead animator on the animated film Guliver, directed by Zdenko Bašić, from 2008 to 2009 – so it’s only fitting that their styles would both work seamlessly together on this Christmas classic. Manuel’s stunning artistic talents push the realms of illustration and create unbelievable worlds for children and adults alike. This award winning illustrator has an impressive publishing history that includes Carlton Publishing, Quarto & Harper Collins US – and he continues to be in high demand.

Published 2nd October 2014 – Buy The Night Before Christmas here



  Rebecca Ashdown: How the Library (not the prince) saved Rapunzel (Frances Lincoln LTD)


With the wind in his hair, and blowing his hooter, 
Along came the prince on the back of a scooter. 
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please let down your hair!”
Called the prince from down on the bottom stair…
But Rapunzel just sat –
As still as a wall;
She didn’t think much of the prince at all.
Rapunzel sits on the sixteenth floor of an inner city block, bored, dreaming and looking out at the rain.  No one can rouse her from her apathy, not the milkman or the postman or the baker or her aunt
– or even the prince. But when at last a letter is delivered, it contains news that has Rapunzel on her feet again. She has a new job at the library! And suddenly her life is busy, sparkling, exciting and stimulating.

 As an Illustrator with a huge passion for drawing, books and printed media, Rebecca is an exceptionally talented artist whose work currently combines a mix of drawing, printmaking and collage with digital techniques. Now, after working as a graphic & motion designer, filmmaker and freelance vector artist for years, she has returned to traditional image making and illustration, with her debut author/illustrated book having been published September 2014 (Bob and Flo, OUP). Rapunzel is another addition to Rebecca’s growing publishing list and with a new Templar book deal in the works, our little Brightling is already making waves in the industry!

 Published 2nd October 2014 – Buy How the Library (not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel here


  Mark ChambersMy Hamster is a Detective (Templar Publishing)


My Hamster is a Detective
When Bruiser, the neighbour’s cat, goes missing, Stinky the genius hamster thinks it’s a cause for celebration. But when Delilah, Ben’s sister’s kitten, disappears too, things start to look suspicious. It’s time for tenacious twosome Stinky and Jinks to spring into action once more…

 Mark’s love of drawing began at the humble age of four years old, when he would scribble and doodle on scraps of paper. Now he is an award winning* illustrator and writer who has already worked with publishing leviathans such as Random House, Templar, Simon and Schuster, Scholastic and Bloomsbury.

 Not only does he bring life to loveable characters within the fiction genre but he continues to create a wealth of memorable and treasured stories that are more than likely already resting on your bookshelf.

 * Pigeon Poo (Little Tiger)  Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2013

Published 10th October 2014 – Buy My Hamster is a Detective here