Bright Educational at Bologna 2016


Sarah Infante

Two toned colour, nature themes, infographics and mocha flavoured muffins were just a few of the trends found at Bologna 2016!

Bright Educational, now nearing its second anniversary and entering its third year, was proud to walk the halls with an eclectic portfolio of work from illustrators around the world.

last montage

Thinking outside the box: Diego Funck & Feronia Parker-Thomas

With many of my clients it’s like greeting an old friend; smiles, giggles and ultimately an appetite for stunning artwork that both inspires and educates. This for me, was the definitive theme for this years fair. My aeroplane meal provided a hint of things to come as I opened a mocha muffin on my Bologna bound flight, a classic with a twist!


Ailie Busby

Presenting the incredible body of artwork always reminds me that being a publishing agent is a true privilege and the portfolio is my magical box of tricks! 

With clients from all areas of the globe I was keen that what I showed could cover all bases and age ranges. Trends included hippos, bears (as ever!), graphic novels and artwork that engages it’s maths reader as well as gender neutral illustration. In addition to this was the desire to create educational artwork that challenges perceptions, pushes its reader and ultimately inspires the next generation.

Bologna Edu montage

Bears galore and more! Clockwise from top left: Sara InfanteRomina Martí, Ag Jatkowska, Brian Hartley, Ben WhitehouseGalia BernsteinCoen Hamelink

As we enter our third year at Bright Educational the goal to educate remains the same, but the difference between now and day one is that our illustrators have earned the reputation as the most talented individuals around and as such, the demand for what we can offer has grown exponentially. Working with such a wealth of creativity allows me to really hone in on what our publishers require and ultimately deliver a brilliant end product within budget and time frame. Further to this, artists now understand and respect the importance of educational art work in children’s publishing and it is now more widely accepted as a truly niche area of publishing.

Outdoors montage

The great outdoors! Clockwise from top left: Jennifer Naalchigar, Ailie Busby, Dave WilliamsLouise Ellis 

Ollie and Mike

Clockwise from top left: (Natural pizza oven?!) Mike Love, (what would you wish for?) Tom Sperling & (great food in Bologna!) Ollie Cuthbertson

Tim Smart

Introducing brand new artist Tim Smart

As the door gradually closes on the book fair, many new doors are opening for my wonderful artists.

Here’s to yet another brilliant Bright Educational year! Here is to TEAM Bright and all those who shine within it.


Lucie Luddington & friends in Bologna, NYC Cab illustration by Ebony Glenn

And it’s from Italy straight on to the US for me! 

I look forward to seeing my wonderful US clients in only a few days time!

Best hellos as always!


If you’d like to talk to Lucie about a project or book one of the artists shown here, you can reach her here.