Bright Group Manage, Sue Hendra : The Next Generation of Author Brands

‘It took the skill of agent Vicki Willden-Lebrecht and an imaginative agency like Bright to sell a fish with fingers, a slug with a doughnut and a robot with no bottom.’ Sue Hendra

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The incredible Sue Hendra is making headlines as her best-selling book Barry the Fish with Fingers is up 524% in sales since 2010! She was recently featured in a Bookseller article regarding Author Brands making head way in the publishing world. Sue is an artist our Managing Director Vicki Willden-Lebrecht has personally helped develop and managed closely since 2005.


The Bookseller 17.01.14

From Barry the Fish with Fingers, to Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell (published by Simon and Schuster) Sue’s pictures and stories will make you laugh out loud! Her successful book series Wanda and the Alien published by Random House has been picked up by Nickelodeon who have bought the Children’s Screen Entertainment rights under a global deal (excluding the US) with London-based distributor CAKE that will see the new preschool series head to more than 70 Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels. The 52 x 10-minute series will debut in the UK on Channel Five’s Milkshake this Fall!

wanda-4Click here to see the video!

Bright not only manages and brokers the intial book deals but we carefully manage the rights of our artists and we are fully experienced in developing successful brands with entertainment and TV rights.

Sue has worked closely with us for 9 years and since joining Bright has written books for Hodder, Simon & Schuster and Random House along with illustrating for Scholastic, Harper Collins, and Random House US. We encourage all our Illustrators to attend creative events in order to engage with their audience, inspire other creatives as well as promote and develop their own work. From this, Sue recently worked with Imagine Children’s Festival, held at the royal festival Hall and held her own arts and crafts event with Claire Freedman on February 21st based around her new book Spider Sandwiches.  Claire Freedman read to the children and Sue got everyone making bugs and insects out of plastic spoons.

sue bugIt’s amazing what you can make with a few spoons!’ Sue Hendra

 Along with securing high-end jobs and exciting opportunities, our Bright Agents work tirelessly to help artists develop their style and bring their beautifully rendered illustrations to life on busy bookshelves. Since 2010 Sue’s sales have rocketed up by 524% (Bookseller, January 2014) and with seven titles (including re-issues) due to be released this year, 2014 is looking very exciting for Sue and Bright alike!

Our M.D Vicki and her team of expert agents, lawyers and financial folk ensures that Bright keeps its high standards of trade success  by nurturing our new Illustrators and continuing to develop and manage our extensive list of globally recognised creatives. The fact that Bright and Sue Hendra have risen to this level of success together in a relatively short period is only further proof that Illustrator care is at the heart of Bright’s raison d’etre.


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